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Introduction to the Patterns and Principles of Progressive Evolution When Seen From A Whole System, Universe Scaled Perspective


Do you consider yourself progressive? Do you want to increase your fitness, adaptability, and control of your environments? If so, we hope you’ll continue along the progressive path, and a great way to do so is to learn about the biggest principles (meta-principles) of progressive evolution within the universe.

When you understand the meta-principles of progressive evolution (what we call Evolution 2.0) you will understand the success and sustainability secrets of life and life's most important prime directives. You will also understand the universe's "best practices" and its optimal "operating system"!

The universe has been evolving for about 13.8 billion years. We now have the scientific ability to look back over its whole scale of time in order to assess where it’s been and where it’s going. When we do so, we find a series of recurring evolutionary meta-patterns that clearly have worked very well for life in the universe. We say that these principles are working because the Universe has continued using them all this time as it has moved in the direction of greater complexity, creativity, and awareness (consciousness).

So it’s time we really got even more progressive in our lives and align ourselves with the deep meta-patterns of success and sustainability that the universe has demonstrated and proven so well for us. If we do so, we will not only make our own lives far better, we can also collectively figure out how to put an end to the catastrophic climate destabilization (human-caused global warming) and the planet's many other meta-challenges that are now occurring. Otherwise, humanity may end up following the alternative meta-pattern of universe evolution: destructive creation --- the breakdown and recycling of all non-learning, maladaptive and non-cooperative parts of an evolving whole, a group, or a system.

"Change is always certain in evolution but, progress is not! Any part within evolution that does not move in alignment with the universe's deep evolutionary meta-patterns will eventually be broken down and recycled." Lawrence Wollersheim

In spite of evolution having sporadic, random, and punctuated periods of equilibrium, extinction, retrogression, failed experiments, dead ends, and what looks like meandering, in general, the dominant trend of evolution is that it is going somewhere, and the general direction of evolution is in fact --progressive! As you continue reading, you will discover both the meta-principles and the practical uses for what we now understand about progressive evolution and why understanding the progressive evolution of Evolution 2.0 is so important to our future. In addition to helping you personally live better and helping some of today's biggest global challenges, the meta-patterns of evolution can also be used to create new, evolutionary, universal ethics and morality (meta-ethics and meta-morality) that will allow us all to cooperate better based on common values objectively disclosed by science.

"The greatest discovery in the history of science was rational scientific methodology itself. It allowed for the second greatest discovery, which was the discovery of evolution. The third greatest discovery in the history of science will eventually be widely recognized; it is that evolution is, in fact, progressive. Some day, it will be commonly understood that evolution has an overall, underlying, and definite directionality in spite of its many meanderings, retrogressions, failed experiments, dead ends, and extinctions." Lawrence Wollersheim

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