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Progressive Evolution is Continuously Conditioned by the Inherent Time/Space Field Qualities of the Universe

The many types of actions of progressive evolution described previously do not take place in a vacuum. They take place in a time/space field that affects qualifies, conditions, and controls the actions as well as their results to greater or lesser degrees.

To understand progressive evolution on a deeper technical level, one must also understand the conditioning time/space field qualities of the universe to some degree. These conditioning time/space field qualities of the universe find practical application in learning how one would wisely apply the principles of progression evolution to one's life.

(Please Note: The following are complex materials designed for advanced students who have read most of the biology and physics books on the advanced student reading list. You do not need to understand these materials to use and practice the Right Attitudes of the Universe Principles. These materials are here for those rare individuals who need to understand why something is true or valid at the deepest of levels. )

Within the inherent spatial and quantum qualities of the physical universe are found result-conditioning attributes that affect and condition almost all actions and results of progressive evolution that take place within the physical universe --- and that makes them critically important! These inherent result-conditioning spatial or quantum attributes and values can also easily be converted into and called universe "attitudes" or "values," which also can be used for empowering your success in all areas of life.

The following information lays out these result-conditioning universe qualities, attributes, and values. They have been extrapolated from the most current cosmological and progressive evolutionary science.

Knowing and utilizing these time-tested 13.7 billion-year-old reality-conditioning attributes can dramatically improve the immediate quality of your life, not to mention your future success. These universe attributes and values also can become an empowering lifestyle practice and part of a new universal ethical code for Evolutioneers. As you review these physical universe attributes and values you may also discover that they both transcend and yet still creatively include many of the most life-affirming virtues and perspectives from humanity’s greatest philosophic and spiritual wisdom traditions.


An important principle discovered in physics is that the inherent qualities or potentialities of the space field in which an action takes place can powerfully affect and condition both the action itself and the results of any action that takes place within that particular space field. This is often called the "the field of space conditions any action within that space field" principle.

This principle also implies that the inherent qualities and potentialities (attributes/values) of a space field have a partial, but primal importance in relation to any actions taking place within that space field. In relation to this principle, it is important to recognize that the universe IS the master quantum and macro-space field which conditions all actions and all results within ALL sub-fields taking place within it. The best way to think about the mass of actions and results taking place within the universe is from a systems perspective--as the dominant system for viewing the universe is progressive evolution.

"The universe is the arc to which all lines must conform." --the French evolutionary scientist Teilhard De Chardin

Our current sciences have now described many of the macro and micro quantum and result-conditioning qualities, attributes, and values of the universe's master space field. This includes an explanation for how those qualities affect the processes and results of "things" acting within the space field of the master universe. Those result-conditioning space qualities, attributes, and field values are manifest in both agency promoting (for the part) and communion promoting (for the whole/union) modes.

The Universe’s Master Field Qualities are the Action and Result Conditioning Universe Attributes and Value-Interests that Control and Condition the Actions of Progressive Evolution in the Universe and Create What We Call the Universe “Attitudes."

The following are key inherent universe space and quantum action conditioning and controlling master field qualities and value probabilities (interests). They are derived from current cosmological and progressive evolutionary science that describes the multi-faceted nature of the universe’s master time, space energy field(s). This master universe field ultimately conditions and/or controls all of the actions and results going on within it.

These attributes may often seem in paradoxical relationships to one another, just as quantum physics is also loaded with paradox.

The universe’s master field comes into being because of the first massive “energy” throughput from the initiating big bang event to the universe (and possibly continuous energy throughput according to some theories), which produced the energy, matter, time, and space of the universe as we know it. (We still do not know what occurred before the Big Bang and exactly what kind of “energy” created the energy that appeared after the Big Bang.)  

Because the universe’s field directly or indirectly conditions and controls all actions and results going on within it, it is important to know what the many qualities of the Universe’s space field are so that one may use that valuable information in one’s life.

The interconnected and result conditioning master space field attributes, value-interests, and “attitudes” of the post-Big Bang Universe are:

  • Inherent “is-ness:” At its most basic level, the existence of the universe or anything within it ---  just IS. This is universe is-ness --- pure and simple. This also implies that the physical universe or anything within it is not inherently or intrinsically good, bad, or deficient in any way --- no matter what our current usual partial view perspectives, religious beliefs, or personal attitudes about either the nature of the universe or the things within it might be. The inherent simple "is-ness" of the universe also infers that the universe is a mostly neutral space in its posture toward the parts and wholes within it. While the universe's evolutionary directionality does seem to favor the creation of cooperative groupings, as well as parts of itself that better align with its evolutionary meta-principles, in general, and as a whole system it can be thought of as mostly neutral, seeking only to enact its inherent meta-principles or laws of evolutionary process.

  • Native original inclusiveness, oneness, or union and unity: This is the always-current cohesion, union, and unity of all things within the limits of time and space of the known universe. (In qualified ways all things are sharing the time and space within the universe's totality of existence.) The original and ongoing inclusiveness and union of all things within the universe implies that at its deepest levels, the universe is essentially an interdependent sharing experience.

  • Native and abundant potentiality: At the level of the part of the universe, potentiality is manifest as the drive to release and realize the inherent full nature and evolutionary possibilities of a thing. On the level of the universe as a whole, potentiality manifests as the drive to exhaust all possibilities for creativity and novelty. It also does this at every other level of existence manifesting that creativity and novelty. This creativity and novelty adds to the amazingly abundant richness and quality of the progressive directionality of evolution in the universe. This universe’s space field potentiality manifests and fulfills itself in many concrete ways such as parts or whole unions within the universe learning, adapting, showing emergent self-organization, etc.

  • Native transparency: The universe hides nothing from anyone at any time looking in the right way with the right instruments. It is always fully transparent.

  • Native creativity: Within the universe's native potentialities lies its realizable and inherent native creativity. This creativity continuously bursts forth both from the inherent creativity within all parts of the universe from what could be an inherent conditioning creativity within time-space itself. The potential for self-organization (autopoiesis) is just one example of this native inherent creativity.

  • Inherent universe dynamism, continuous change, and evolvability process: This equals abundant and continuous change because of the process of continuous energy flow or flow-through continuously creating the universe and the consequent ongoing energy exchanges seeking to establish (or needed to establish) new dynamic energy balances as new or expanding parts and wholes (unions). The Universe’s continuous dynamism/process of change and its dynamic balance conditioning qualities show up as the following sub-levels of evolutionary process:

    • Incompleteness: the manifestation of the inherent inclination or impulse toward becoming evolving, changing, growing (growth and transformation are abundantly and continually emerging toward resolving this "incompleteness" and these emergences of new growth are aligned by evolution in the direction of the universe's progressive evolution or they are recycled. Growth can also mean evolving to new levels when older levels of growth run their course such as when one grows physically to adulthood. After a human being has physically grown to full capacity there are still many levels of maturity, skill, intelligence, and other forms of growth still available). Incompleteness is a paradoxical term as it is used in association with universe qualities. It does not imply any deficiency or imperfection. It just means a “next evolutionary step” possibility. This inherent "incompleteness" toward growth manifests through:

    • Emergence and the consequent differentiation of what has emerged: The universe is full of abundantly emerging new things and those emergences create differentials, differences, or separation for those new things. The existence of differentials (differences and separation between things) can also create the appearance of dissonance (conflict perspectives)  because of the natural separation created by the differentials themselves. Differentiation between things and their resultant dissonance is utilized by evolution as one of its most effective tools to energize, motivate, and stimulate optimal adaptation and growth. On a purely physical level, the universe sometimes uses differentials and polarities to generate and create energy.

    • Complexity: More emergence and differentiation creates an abundance of more complex things. This then creates increasing inherent spontaneity (caused by the inherent creativity, novelty, and diverse innovation of the universe). This new complexity also creates various levels of new uncertainty, (unpredictability) linked with new probabilities.  

    • Inherent and increasing uncertainty: In the physical universe, absolute certainties and truths are in essence relativistic probabilities or in some severe cases, self-created illusions or delusions. This is due in part, to abundantly increasing complexity (diversity), spontaneity, and often-nonlinear creativity of the universe. These levels of increasing uncertainty, created by increasing creative emergence, complexity, and unpredictable nonlinear spontaneities, result in various levels of natural unpredictability, uncertainty, and the adventure of our lives. The increasing uncertainties and their consequent unpredictabilities far outstrip our abilities to model and predict probable outcomes. Thus far, our future modeling and prediction technologies are not even close to keeping up because of the accelerating levels of increasing complexity, diversity, and cause and effect nonlinearity. For example, when the gases hydrogen and oxygen became spontaneously mixed in the right proportions, who could have predicted the formation of water?

    • Expansion potentiality: Growth implies expansion. The galaxies are expanding away from each other faster and faster because of the dark energy effect. On a cultural level --- complexity, knowledge, uncertainty, non-linear cause and effect, interdependence, interconnectedness, and change (to name, but a few cultural qualities) all appear to be in states of accelerating expansion.

  • Native/inherent directionality: All things seek to grow and fulfill their inherent and natural potentialities. The fruit manifests the potentials contained within its seed. Here, we are mainly talking about the universe as a whole unto itself. As a whole system, there is also a progressive directionality inherent in the universe's evolution seeking to manifest its inherent and natural potentials. There is also inherent directionality within universe parts as well. All of the above continuous processes moving toward growth (or change) are facilitated by the dynamically balancing qualities and interactions of:

    • Centralization and compression: There exist numerous known and unknown attractive forces within the universe space field that draw things together in acts of centralization. These are forces such as gravity, electromagnetism, the strong and weak atomic forces, and theoretically, dark matter. There also appear to be other biological and non-biological attractive forces, which in living organisms and cultures naturally cause new centralizing unions and communing wholes to be formed and maintained.

    • Native inter-connectedness and sharing: Interdependence and interconnectedness are intrinsically linked and paradoxical in some ways. New physics research shows there is nothing within the universe that is not interconnected at some level to all other things within the universe. Because of that, all things, no matter how seemingly independent, are also interdependent to varying degrees upon all other things within the universe. To varying degrees, the universe is a system in which everything in it is, to some degree, dependent on all other things within the system. This is due to parts and/or wholes naturally share some form of energy, spatial relationship, energy exchanges, or relationship or reciprocating cohesion or forms, which are essential to exist or grow. This native inter-connectedness of all things in the one universe union implies that where all space energy and matter is shared and transformed, this also implies that sharing is a fundamental attribute and meta-principle that allows the universe to exist and function. If this is true, sharing as a meta-principle appears to have a much larger role to fulfill in our social, economic, political, and religious systems.

All of the preceding sub-processes of universe dynamism, when directionalized as growth (not merely change) then lead to or involve:

  • Dynamic balance: This is an ever-changing state of new and evolving "imperfect" energy/matter balances within the universe itself as a whole and within its sub-states of dynamic balance of parts and wholes within the universe. Dynamic balance is not a static balance, but a paradoxical state of continuous energy/matter change within certain necessary tolerance levels, creating new levels of simultaneously closed yet open dynamic balance. This dynamic balance is vitally needed between the differentials found within various parts and wholes of the universe to maintain their stable-yet-evolving, closed-yet-open relationships. Matter and energy in the universe are constant, but they take on a myriad of constantly evolving forms. For this possibility to occur, there is a paradoxical closedness and openness that must occur to create the necessary, ever-changing states of dynamic balance. It is these various states which dynamically adjust the differentials, differences, and conflicts between parts and wholes so essential evolutionary dynamic balances (unions may take place or be maintained so progressive evolution can continue to unfold).

  • The evolutionary impulse toward unification: More universe parts are growing and evolving into new and larger wholes/unions of greater cooperation and scale. This moves us closer to a theoretical super-union and super-organism including all parts of the universe acting in cooperative alignment with the universe's progressive directionality. This then restarts the dynamic balance processes listed above paradoxically "back to a new, evolved, and enhanced form of its original…

  • Union, unity, and inclusiveness: On the level of the whole, the universe may not be just the ultimate union. It might also be the only true indivisible unity in scientifically known existence when seen as the currently largest known totality. The universe may be “the only text without any larger context” as Thomas Berry said. On the level of the part, there is also an inherent union and unity within each thing helping to hold it together and maintain its natural state. This then takes the dynamic balance processes listed just above toward the paradoxical evolutionary impulse manifesting itself as:

  • Transcendence: The universe and its parts of the universe (some parts through increasing autonomy and consciousness) appear to be growing toward first realizing, then transcending their limits as individual parts. These parts can also participate in the creation of new dynamic wholes/unions also seeking to transcend themselves. Every part of the universe and the universe itself appear to be trying to transcend itself over time.

How to Creatively Apply the Universe's Life Conditioning Attitudes and Values to Practical Daily Living Success?

"[Evolution] appears to be not only a series of accidents the course of which is determined only by the change of environments during Earth history and the resultant struggle for existence,… but is governed by definite laws… The discovery of these laws constitutes one of the most important tasks of the future.” --- Ludvig von Bertalanffy, biologist

“The most practical belief system for a large-scale society, in the long run, is one that is firmly anchored in factual reality.”--- David Sloan Wilson

The above macro and micro quantum result-conditioning qualities and potentialities of the universe space field can be creatively expressed as success attitudes, which include most of the space conditioning qualities of the universe. These attitudes condition all actions and results taking place within the universe.

When embraced, those success attitudes will optimize the actions and results of your life or organization. When applying the companion to the universe’s success-action principles (listed in Part 1 of the new Universe Principles of Sustainability), you will get far better results if you first hold and embody the optimal result-conditioning attitudinal "space" conditions as described above and also found in creative expression in Part 2 of the new Universe Principles of Sustainability.

Click here to go to the success attitudes, Part 2 of the new Universe Principles of Sustainability, which embody an attitudinal form of the practical application of the life conditioning universe attributes listed above.

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