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Progressive Evolution as an Objective Description of the Cycle and Meaning of Human Life

Within the developmental steps of progressive evolution, as described earlier, one could say that one saw the progressive evolutionary spiral of human life more clearly defined than most people have seen or learned in traditional biology and cosmology classes. The spiraling nature of the developmental steps of progressive evolution can be seen either as:

a.) each new thing emerging and repeating the spiral of progression evolution or

b.) when the spiral of development for a particular thing reaches transcendence with the emergence, the spiral of new potential development begins again.

One could also easily deduce that for a human life to be optimally fulfilled and reach its full potential, it would need to address and/or manifest (align and contribute to) the various developmental stages of evolving life to at least some degree and in some form of balance.

One could even write a very powerful argument that the objective, multifaceted, and layered meaning of evolving human life itself is both well described and comprehensively contained within the developmental steps of progressive evolution.

From the previous meta-pattern information on the progressive directionality of evolution, one could easily support that the highest overall and core common life purpose of both the individual and humanity are:

"To first understand and then align one's actions with progressive evolution and then --- as a partner and co-creator --- contribute to the very forwarding of the progressive evolution of humanity both here on Earth and eventually out into the stars."

This single meta-purpose contains all of the other worthwhile, meaningful, and life-affirming purposes from every other area of life --- such as politics, economics, society, religion, etc. (For more information on this reality, click here.)

This then leads to the question of how to apply this knowledge and new life purpose in practical daily ways...

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