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Extinction and Progressive Evolution

Prior to about the last 10 years, millions of species that failed to recognize the importance of these progressive evolution meta-principles or failed to adapt to environmental or internal changes went extinct. While knowing and using these “universe facts of life” is not an absolute guarantee that extinction can be prevented, it is our best extinction prevention strategy!

The meta-principles of progressive evolution are so powerful it could even be said the great asteroid extinction of 65 million years ago was an adaptive failure to follow these meta-principles. Theoretically, had the dinosaurs evolved further in harmony with the meta-principles of progressive evolution to the point where they had developed both the intelligence and technology of humanity, it is arguable that with human-like technology and intelligence they could have detected the asteroid approaching the planet years before it arrived. With our current technology (rockets, nuclear bombs, etc.), they could have destroyed or altered the course of the incoming asteroid, thus preventing extinction.

Although this example is extreme, it demonstrates how the failure to progressively evolve and adapt means failure for individuals, groups, or species. Also keep in mind that although there have been 5 previous mass extinctions on Earth, evolution has always found a way to keep life evolving and developing.

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