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How the Meta-Processes, Meta-Principles, and Directionality of Progressive Evolution Can Optimize Your Life Success in Practical Ways

"When you understand the meta-principles of progressive evolution, you will also understand the universe's ‘best practices,’ as well as evolution's core ’operating system.’ You will also understand the the basic principles behind the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and Evolution 2.0." ---Lawrence Wollersheim

The core meta-processes of the expanding levels of complexity found within universe evolution are the progressive directionality of evolution and life! These recurring meta-processes, which have been repeatedly demonstrated and time-proven over 13.8 billion years of evolutionary testing, can also be viewed as core evolutionary interests, values, and even a partially implied statement of practical and universal evolutionary meta-ethics and meta-morality.

“The greatest fight in the history of the world and the world of ideas is the fight to establish a universal morality.” ---Stefan Molyneux, philosopher

"When you know and practice the Universe Principles, you are living some of the most powerful wisdom that evolution and the universe can teach us about how to be successful and sustainable both as individuals and as groups." ---Lawrence Wollersheim​

These meta-processes are the most vital big picture, directionalized actions and behaviors that hold together the progressive directionality of evolution, as well as the sustainability of life itself. As such, they are important meta-processes to know and apply to every area of life.

It is the application of these meta-processes that are the core actions of Evolution 2.0. These core meta-processes, when applied to practical daily life, are now called the Universe Principles of Sustainability or the Universe Principles for short. It is through the application of the Universe Principles that a true and meaningful sustainable prosperity for all can be achieved.

The meta-processes of progressive evolution's directionality have now been creatively turned into daily life-guiding success principles and a new kind of universal ethic and morality. Keep in mind that the Universe Principles of Sustainability are not just for personal use. They are ideal for creating successful and sustainable groups and communities of all kinds and sizes, right up to national and international communities.

The new Universe Principles of Sustainability medium length form, which will go over each meta-pattern and explain it in more detail, is found by clicking here for the Right Actions and by clicking here for the Right Attitudes.

When you are done reading this booklet, come back to this page and begin a personal experiment with the power of the Universe Principles very short form daily reading version by clicking this link.

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