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What Happens If Any of the Developmental Steps of Progressive Evolution Are Interfered With or Thwarted --- The Evolutionary Meta-Pattern of Destructive Creation

If any of the above universe meta-patterns of progressive evolution fail to continue within evolution's progressive directionalized path of core meta-patterns as previously described, another meta-pattern and core meta-process of progressive evolution will activate and take over --- destructive creation. Destructive creation is the breakdown and recycling pattern for non-learning, non-adaptive or non "co-operating" parts or wholes (unions).

Nothing is wasted in universe evolution. This core meta-pattern of breakdown and recycling allows evolutionary "failed experiments," retrogression, or other failed adaptations, collapses, and extinctions to be reused later on in some other new evolutionary creativity and experiments. This allows these broken down and recycled elements to once again support the ongoing levels of the unstoppable directionality of progressive evolution  --- hence the term destructive creation.

Furthermore, keep in mind that all of the progressive evolution steps directly support or indirectly contribute to the meta-directionality, impulse, or "intentionality" of progressive evolution, which is the creation of more:

  • cooperative wholes (unions,) at a greater scale, which are sustainable and expand "fair" and/or appropriate (dynamic equilibrium maintaining) energy exchanges between parts and wholes. (It may be that increasing cooperation and the "fair" and/or appropriate exchange of energy at a greater scale for greater lengths of time is the core and central hub of universe progressive evolution.)

Based on the universe's 13.7 billion years of core repeating meta-patterns, there is no known logical reason to believe that the above basic meta-patterns and basic directionality of progressive evolution are likely to change.

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