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The Theoretical End Result, Product, and Goal of the Progressive Evolution of the Universe

A current theory to the end of the expanding universe is that all stars will eventually burn out and everything will grow cold and dark. But, if these core directional meta-patterns of progressive evolution described previously continue as they have for the last 13.7 billion years, and the universe continues into the far, far distant future, eventually:

The entire universe will evolve toward becoming an aware, intelligent, and cooperative super-organism composed of all diverse universe parts, aligned in appropriate dynamic energy exchanges, and able to control the total environment in sustainable ways at universe scale levels. All of the evolutionary potentials within the meta-patterns of progressive evolution will have reached their maximal or absolute states for full expression for all possibilities within the universe. At this unique and far distant moment, the universe as a whole may have the possibility of somehow transcending itself and birthing itself into something new.

Theoretically, the universe will eventually exhaust all possibilities (potentiality) for experiments for expanding or more:




mutation, (creativity, novelty innovation,)

autopoiesis (self-organization,)

adaptability, (choice, responsibility, freedom,)





compression or centralization

resulting in eventual unification into wholes of greater:

cooperation and scale,






self-reflection (currently only in humans),

reflection of the universe upon itself and its own processes (currently only through its human self-reflective parts and human-created instruments), and theoretically,

eventually self-reflection of the universe by itself and as itself as a totality.

Finally, the self-aware universe with all its aware parts and wholes may attain an understanding of the origin of the universe (that ultimate remaining Great Mystery). In this new and vastly deeper understanding of the universe and its parts and wholes of its own origin --- the universe and humanity may finally learn the actual nature of its origin and its ultimate reason and purpose for existence. Here at the end of the evolution of the universe, this point may be the only place where the ultimate questions of life are finally answered...

Now that all of the previously mentioned potentials for universe development have been exhausted, the unique and exciting possibility of the universe somehow transcending itself once again presents itself. The universe as a whole does this just as it does at the end of the potential development of every other universe subpart and sub whole. At this moment there also exists at this fullness the rare opportunity for transcendence to something new or more.

So, maybe the universe won't go dark and end as we know it. Maybe the universe as a whole system will transcend and become something new, such as a new holonic union between the universe and its origin --- that ultimate remaining Great Mystery. Or, maybe the universe will transcend and become some new kind of universe in a new dimension, with additional new dimensions that restart the whole evolution process---or an entirely different process altogether.  

When one even partially grasps the progressive directionality of this universe's evolution, one cannot help but experience a humbling awe toward the epic evolutionary story and amazing developmental process in which we are all fully embedded.

"The individual is going to be universalized. The universal is going to be individualized, and thus from both directions the whole is going to be enriched." --Jan Smuts, from Holism and Evolution

If you like, now go back over the list of main progressive meta-processes and meta-patterns of 13.8 billion years of progressive evolution again. See them as expanding levels of unfolding and unpacking complexity, bearing more unique qualities and more complex, refined, and rare "fruit." Look at the most complex, refined and rare qualities being produced at the very current known end of the universe's expanding complexity.

From this view of evolution's progressive directionality, it appears that we as humans are truly important within progressive evolution and we have an important value, meaning, and role to play as conscious co-evolutionary partners with the Universe and its processes of progressive evolution. For additional information about the theoretical end of the universe, see the Omega Point and the various individuals who have added to its definition.

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