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Personal Self-Interests and Universe Evolution

Personal Self-Interests and Universe Evolution

If the universe has core meta-patterns, products, values, and self-interests, it is logical that they should also be considered the essential core products, values, and self-interests of a balanced, sustainable, and well-lived life. This is because we are fully embedded within the universe's evolutionary stream, and this evolutionary stream is always, directly and indirectly, controlling and conditioning our directionality!

To not align your current self-interests and lifestyle with the evolving universe's self-interests would be to go against a relentless, untiring, and all-but-unstoppable evolutionary current and insure eventual failure. Even the strongest swimmers can’t continue swimming against the current.

"The modern scientific meta-principles of evolution can be used in practical ways to dramatically improve the success of our daily lives. The meta-principles of universe-scale evolution are also able to better guide and improve today's economics, political landscape, religions, and deteriorating climate conditions." ---Lawrence Wollersheim

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