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The Progressive Evolution Definition: The Dominant Processes, Levels, Patterns and "Products" of Evolution's Progressive Directionality AKA The Evolutionary Algorithm

(Special Note: If you keep clicking on the image at the top of this page, it will also take you through photos that will help explain the main patterns and principles of Progressive Evolution. Do not worry if you do not understand all of the material on this page. Evolution is complex.

At the end of this page, you will find links to two other shorter and more simple illustrated versions on all the essentials of progressive evolution found on this page. These two easier versions are designed to help you use the information of this page in your life in both practical and immediate ways.)

The Consistently Recurring Patterns of Progressive Evolution are the Evolutionary Algorithm and the Basic Purpose and Directionality of Life:

"If a complex system continually repeats something over great lengths of time, it is reasonable to treat that repeated item as something that the system values, is important to or that optimizes the system, or that somehow is (or has become) an essential part of the system's overall success and sustainability -- if the system was a living thing you could even call it the system’s self-interests. Universe evolution has consistently recurring core patterns, some of which have been repeating themselves successfully ever since the Big Bang almost 13.7 billion years ago. Knowing, aligning with, and using these time-proven, consistently recurring core patterns of progressive evolution will greatly enhance and optimize your personal and group success." Lawrence Wollersheim

The idea of Progressive Evolution is based upon the biggest facts behind all of the evolutionary sciences. Progressive Evolution is the most complex thing in the universe, and yet, it does have core, recurring dominant patterns that can be understood. One way to more easily visualize the following consistently recurring complex process levels and dominant pattern steps of progressive evolution is to visualize them as sequential feeder streams eventually joining each other and becoming a river and the unstoppable directional flow of universe-scale evolution itself. While this metaphor is far from perfect, for reasons mentioned in the progressive evolution footnotes (at the end of this online booklet) this metaphor is good enough, for now, to help you see both the many contributing pattern streams and the centralizing main pattern river within the known developmental directionality of progressive evolution.

To align oneself or one's organization with the unstoppable progressive directionalized power flow of evolution (the indomitable impulse or intention of evolution if you like) one would seek to align oneself and one’s groups to the highest degree possible with as many of the dominant patterns levels and steps of progressive evolution as they could. This would theoretically give oneself or one's organization optimal survival success.

On the other hand, failure to align oneself and one's organizations with the core dominant patterns of progressive evolution results in the other great dominant pattern and process of progressive evolution to take over: the dominant pattern of destructive creation. That dominant pattern is essentially the breakdown and recycling of any and all non-learning, non-adaptive and non "co-operating" parts or wholes to be recycled and reused later in some other new evolutionary experiment or situation to once again attempt to further forward the unstoppable directionality of progressive evolution mentioned in more detail further down this page.

"[Evolution] appears to be not only a series of accidents the course of which is determined only by the change of environments during Earth history and the resultant struggle for existence,… but is governed by definite laws… The discovery of these laws constitutes one of the most important tasks of the future."  (Ludvig von Bertalanffy, biologist)

The Dominant Longterm Patterns of Progressive Evolution:

The main unstoppable (or nearly unstoppable) general dominant processes, levels, and steps containing the consistently recurring core patterns, "products", "universe self-interests" or inherent "values" of the core and dominant directionality of progressive evolution at universe scale as a whole complex adaptive system are as follows:

Continuous release of universe potentials and potentiality (for a created or evolved universe thing to become what it can). This continuous release or realization of potential births continuous evolutionary change (experimentation),

which then births...


Expanding complexity and diversity

(In some ways, all of the other progressive evolution levels found below also can be seen as the unpacking of the previous level of evolutionary complexity into new levels of expanding complexity and diversity. Expanding complexity, (like the expanding or maintaining of all things within the universe,) requires expanding or maintaining energy exchanges,

which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then creates... (parts here is meant as things, not necessarily locations)


Expanding novelty (creative mutation and innovation again requiring more energy exchanges,),

which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...


Expanding growth, productivity (or reproductivity,) and/or expansion (again requiring more energy exchanges),

which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...


Expanding levels of environmental awareness, and then eventually in some evolving forms self-awareness and self-reflectiveness, of both the relevant exterior and interior environment present, past, and future (even through future modeling capabilities, through expanding use of technology and prediction skills) within both the parts of the whole and within the whole itself as a collective union

(This self-awareness [consciousness] includes expanding levels of awareness of others, the planet, the universe, and even that great mystery that is the origin of our universe),

which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...


Expanding entity self-organization, autopoiesis, (which also eventually includes self-discipline and self-responsibility in most developed entities), which again requires more energy exchanges (For more on self-organization principles, click here).

which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...


Expanding full-consequence capture, full accountability, which requires expanding levels of full transparency for all parts of a whole and the wholes themselves. In one way or another, evolution eventually directly or indirectly and invariably always enforces increasing levels of consequence capture upon any parts or wholes that do not learn, adapt "cooperate," or create fair energy exchange and progressively evolve. High and expanding levels of transparency and accountability are critical to enacting full consequence capture because the powerful evolutionary self-interests of either the individual parts or the self-interests of wholes [groupings/unions] when hidden or not accounted for will always take over and lessen the essential optimal balance and tension between the self-interests of the individual and the self-interests of the whole group or union.

which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...


Expanding learning resulting in skill/ability, knowledge, and intelligence,

which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...


Expanding adaptability (choice, freedom, flexibility, or control of the environment for some parts and wholes in either adjusting to the environment or changing the environment),

which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then also emerges...


Expanding robustness, redundancies, and reserves of and in the parts and unions,

which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...


Expanding or alternating periods of compression and/or centralization

which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...


Expanding integration, harmony, and resultant order resulting in new synergies (which again like all of the above in one way or another requires more energy exchanges),

which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...


Expanding cooperation, which aligns and effectively manages and balances the often competing self-interest tensions of all of the individual parts of the whole with the overall health and well-being of the whole as a whole system and union (which again requires more energy exchanges, which appropriately and fairly share and balance the needs of parts and wholes (the cooperators) for energy and resources to, most importantly, satisfy the second law of thermodynamics, but also to keep the cooperators sharing in the benefits of cooperation wanting to continue to cooperate),

which then in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...


Expanding or new cooperative wholes (unions) of greater scale (which again requires more energy exchanges),

which then as a consequence of this new or expanding cooperation creates...


Expanding interdependence (by parts and wholes, which then also loops back upon the parts and the whole (union) to further motivate greater cooperation because of the expanded interdependence and expanding interconnectedness),

which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...


Additional expanding robustness, redundancies, and reserves of and in the parts and unions because of the cooperativeness,

which in some parts and unions within the universe eventually then emerges...


Expanding control over the environment for individuals and cooperative unions (that also are in harmony with the principles of universe evolution) resulting in expanding sustainability for the cooperating parts and wholes, which again requires more energy exchanges (in part because of the increased cooperation between and by the parts and the wholes [unions]),

which ​at some developmental level of progressive evolution and only in some human parts within the universe eventually results in...


Expanding reflection by those human self-reflective parts upon the total universe environment and the universe's complete evolutionary processes and systems (including the Universe's Big Bang origin). This creates a whole universe consciousness in the part of the universe. In a way, the universe becomes conscious of itself through its parts.

And finally,


Possible transcendence of universe parts or whole unions. At the "end" of the universe's spiraling ever larger and more complex evolutionary developmental process lies the potential for some form of transcendence for some of the parts’ or wholes’ unions into completely new things (or, at the theoretical end of the universe potentiality all the parts as a whole union transcending to something new).

This then potentially restarts a new spiral of progressive evolution at a new level where once again continuous creative release of new potentials and potentiality (for the newly evolved or created thing to become and realize what it can become). This continuous release or realization of new potential then once again births continuous change, (through all of most of the cycle/spiral of development described above).

If transcendence did not occur in universe parts or whole unions for any reason (which also includes failed experiments, retrogressions, collapses, and extinctions) then the universe's evolutionary process wastes nothing of that which has reached the limits of its existence, growth, or developmental potential release cycle. It then recycles back all those resources and parts or whole unions back into evolution to be used in new creativity. (Collapses serve a necessary evolutionary purpose in removing what would not learn and adapt and for creating new space for new evolutionary experiments).

The above core patterns of universe evolution also can create a new ethics, morality, universal ethics, and evolutionary ethics that will allow us to cooperate better based on common, scientifically demonstrated values. To help simplify the progressive evolution of dominant core patterns and principles and how you can apply them to your life we have created the following two tools:

1.) Here is a very short and simplified printable version of what we call the Universe Principles here. The Universe Principles were designed in part to help make the above description of the dominant patterns of progressive evolution (which is very complex, scientific, and advanced) much more simple. This short and easy Universe Principles version is meant to be read and reviewed regularly and experimented with so you can discover for yourself how powerful these dominant patterns and principles of progressive evolution are when applied to your life on a regular review basis.

2.) The above dominant patterns of progressive evolution have also been used to create a medium-length version of the Universe Principles. (It is found within the Right Actions and the Right Attitudes online booklets of the Universe Principles.) This version goes into much more detail on how and why each principle works. Click the respective links in the previous sentence to get to see how the dominant patterns of universe evolution can be used as a universal evolutionary ethics and morality.

"Look at the parts and patterns of the evolutionary process (listed above) as the defining formulaic parts of a personal and group evolutionary algorithm for optimized success. Understanding, expanding, and refining this evolutionary algorithm with the newest science as it becomes available is one of the most important tasks in today's world and within the Evolution 2.0 community. Even though continuously changing environmental conditions will limit your ability somewhat to apply all of the dominant patterns and principles within the evolutionary algorithm of progressive evolution for optimized success, within the evolutionary algorithm are contained all the essential pieces for a universal guiding formula of proven principles that we urgently need today to create a sustainable prosperity, meaningful lives and justice for all on the planet." Lawrence Wollersheim

(Here are two illustrated versions of many of the key concepts of progressive evolution. They are found within the Right Actions and the Right Attitudes online booklets of the Universe Principles.)

To keep learning more about the many features and qualities of Progressive Evolution, keep clicking the links to the left or right at the bottom of each page of this online booklet. At any time you can click the UP link as well. It will take you to the first page of this online booklet where at the bottom of that page you will find a link to every page in this booklet.