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The Rebirth of Universe Spirit and What is Going to Happen Now?

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Submitted by Lawrence on

To our thousands of members and subscribers,

As the executive director of Universe Spirit, I wanted to update you personally. 

It's time for a candid briefing about both our organization's last decade and our future. For many years our organization provided spiritual services, meditations, retreats, and sustainability education. It worked to expand the ideas of eco-spirituality found in our Evolution Spirituality writings (fully explained here.)

About 12 years ago, I was in deep meditation, and a strong feeling filled my awareness. It contained the concept that our organization needed to redirect its current mission from eco-spirituality education to researching the present facts on global warming. 

This new direction just came to me out of the blue. I did not want to carry out this idea because, as its executive director, I loved the spiritual work that I was involved in at Universe Spirit.

For months, I fought this recurring idea, but it kept reappearing in my daily meditations, and it grew stronger. I finally decided to see a psychologist who had been a Lutheran minister and taught at a seminary. After extensive counseling sessions trying to reality test and refute the validity of this persistent idea, I finally came to accept that the Universe or its mysterious Originating Source was leading me toward some new but personally unwanted mission. 

Even though I am a hard science guy, this new direction was in an area where I had never done any research. For the next 12 years, using my understanding of systems theory and meta-systemic thinking, I studied and re-analyzed the current published research on global warming (some 15,000 pages.) 

Unfortunately, I discovered that global warming is far worse than our governments, the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC,) and the biggest names in environmentalism and global warming education are telling us. The most important thing I realized is that global warming is now out of control for at least the next 50 years! (This page will explain in detail why we are now in a state of out-of-control global warming for the next 50 years. This new critical update will explain what that means to your future. It will even list 47 warning signs and consequences that are already unfolding.)

As a result of these near full-time studies, with the help of the Job One for Humanity nonprofit organization, I published a book called Climageddon: The Global Warming Emergency and How to Survive It. This was done to help educate about global warming's real consequences, tipping points, and the extinction-level crisis coming soon for most of humanity!

Because the Universe Spirit organization and I shifted our new mission focus towards warning the world about accelerating global warming and what these 11 other worsening global crises are, Universe Spirit's ongoing education programming was, unfortunately, significantly curtailed over the past decade. 

But that's the past.

What's important now is the Ongoing Gradual Rebirth of the New Universe Spirit Organization!

We are now upgrading both the Universe Spirit website copy and its usability. Maybe you have noticed it.

Because of the difficult global challenges we face, we have also launched a project to create new eco-communities worldwide. This project has come to fruition with the creation of a separate nonprofit organization called ClimateSafe Villages.

We are also going back to doing much more of our Evolution Spirituality, eco-spirituality, and sustainability educational work. Now, more than ever, people need emotional support. This support is critical because the road ahead over the next few decades will be more challenging than humanity has ever experienced before. 

These acts of supporting one another will help us maintain joy, meaning, and purpose in our lives as we share the many hardships to come.

The following is what Universe Spirit is re-starting now. We will begin the migration of our organizational headquarters, crucial team members, and those Universe Spirit members who want to create a new Universe One eco-community. The Universe One community will be located in an area that will remain a global warming safe zone for the foreseeable future. 

This first Universe One community will be based on Sustainable Prosperity's ideas, the Job One for Humanity Plan to survive global warming, and the values found on this page.

We are moving north because climate science shows that within as little as 5 to 8 years, global warming's 20 worst consequences, amplifying the consequences of our other 11 global crises, will dramatically increase in scale, severity, and frequency. 

This will then ravage many of the United States areas as well as other parts of the world below the 45th Parallel North and above the 45th Parallel South. Through the ongoing process of finding the land for our first global warming-safe, sustainable eco-community, we will:

a.) be well ahead of the escalating global warming crisis curve as crops fail and the Great Migration North begins (within the next 5-8 years) 

b.) have adequate time (2-3 years) to prepare, adapt, and create a functioning and sustainable eco-community.

This new Universe One community will be science-grounded in the ideas of Evolution 2.0. It will also be grounded in the new eco-spirituality of Evolution Spirituality for those of a spiritual nature. These two factors will help sustain us through the hard times to come. Click here for all the information on Universe One.

Most importantly, together, we will create a "beacon of light" founding eco-community that will hopefully become an example of sustainability and community success in rebuilding a broken world. These new eco-communities are critical for when we finally emerge from this global warming emergency and when these 11 other global crises stop worsening

Please see this page to understand what we mean by a "beacon of light" eco-community. It will explain how and why we are not acting from a survivalist mentality but a wise, sustainability advocate mentality.

Please also see the Member's section of the Job One for Humanity website and click the About the Universe One Community link for the newest information, the location of these forming eco-communities, and how to become a new member. Please also see this page in case you are mistaking us for some type of survivalist organization.

Yours for humanity, our children, and the Earth,

Lawrence Wollersheim

Lawrence Wollersheim
Executive Director
Manage@UniverseSpirit.org  www.UniverseSpirit.org

PS: We also upgraded our mission to reflect the changes in the update above.