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Protect the Future From Extinction Level Global Warming

Collective Action Step 1:

Escalating global warming is our most immediate and global challenge. Whipsawing into all of the other 11 mega-global challenges (peak oil, desertification, water pollution, population, etc.), global warming amplifies them toward an extinction-level crisis. There can be no sustainable prosperity if we do not get the rapidly escalating global warming fixed quickly!

We completely depend upon the global climate's stability for our food production and much of our physical security and safety. Each increase of average temperature lowers global food production by an estimated 10%--and that is only one of the many dire consequences of climate destabilization caused by global warming.

Put even more simply, we cannot create sustainable prosperity if the rapidly escalating consequences of human-caused atmospheric carbon pollution reach the level of irreversibility or create such a level of climate destabilization that it destroys half of all species and starves most of the human population to death (extinction-level climate destabilization.) In our organization, our focused climate recovery program in this area is called Job One for Humanity because it deals directly with the most destructive and imminent threat to our whole climate and life-supporting ecosystem in the form of human-caused carbon pollution of the atmosphere.

It is this human-caused carbon pollution of the atmosphere, which is now causing catastrophic and what soon will be irreversible climate destabilization if we do not act wisely and now! (To learn more about these global warming consequences and why the Job One for Humanity plan is so important for creating sustainable prosperity click the Job One for Humanity link in this sentence.)

To learn more about the other collection action steps of Sustainable Prosperity in this online booklet, click the next link to the bottom right.