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The Sustainable Prosperity Manefesto and Revolution: The New Good Life and Path to the Future

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Introduction to the path to a survivable future which IS --- living the principles of Sustainable Prosperity.

As difficult as it seems to understand, at the deepest levels, the current global warming emergency and many of the world's other 11 major global crises are directly or indirectly caused by an energy management concept called overshoot. Overshoot simply means that resource demand is over and beyond that resource's regeneration or renewal capacity. 

Excessive demand leading to overshoot is driven by both consumption and population. Right now, the human population's need and demand for the Earth's resources has well exceeded the Earth's capacity to regenerate those resources. 

One also could call overshoot an environmental and energy management ignorance or even greed in simple moral or ethical terms. But, whatever you call it, our taking more resources from the Earth than the Earth can renewably supply or resupply is the single deepest cause of today's major global problems, our air, water, and land pollution, as well as many avoidable economic and social inequalities. 

While our current global warming emergency is directly caused by burning fossil fuels and polluting the atmosphere with carbon, methane, nitrous oxide, etc., for its complete long-term solution, it is critical to address the deeper, underlying ecological, economic, social, and energy management overshoot issues. Unfortunately, many of the same overshoot issues allow most of our 11 major global crises to worsen.

The opposite of overshoot is creating a sustainable population level to its available resources. This is commonly known as the carrying capacity of an area

For humanity to live within its carrying capacity and not overshoot its resources, we will have to do something new, which we call living the principles of Sustainable Prosperity.

As you read about Sustainable Prosperity in this booklet, you will discover the many social and economic overshoot issues hidden behind our inability to create long-term successful global warming solutions. You will also learn the deepest solutions to many of our 11 major global crises.

If we do not quickly apply the principles of Sustainable Prosperity to our lives, livelihoods, and societies, we and humanity will become a "dead man walking" who will be unable to slow or stop our own ecological, economic, and social demise.

(After you have finished the following overshoot preventing Sustainable Prosperity booklet, please click the following two links to review Part 1 and Part 2 of the Job One for Humanity Plan. They will provide essential preparation and adaptation steps for managing the global warming emergency and the other world crises realities we all are now facing. We also recommend reading the book Overshoot: The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change by William Catton.)

What is Sustainable Prosperity

We all wish for prosperity (abundance) and for it to go on as long as possible (sustainability). But in these uncertain times, of escalating global warming and the world's other major 11 global crises, can we count on having this?

As we move toward making homes and raising families, wouldn't it be nice to know that we, others, and our environment will continue to prosper sustainably? Of course, we want that.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a step-by-step way to create lives and livelihoods of sustainable prosperity to create a better world?

There is!

The core concept of Sustainable Prosperity is that:

there is an intelligent way for everyone to have ample sufficiency as well as abundance (prosperity) in the vital and meaningful areas of life, and to have this prosperity be sustainable over the long term.

This new Sustainable Prosperity has strategies and principles that support one person's prosperity contributing to another's without detracting from it!


This is only the most basic idea of Sustainable Prosperity. There is much more to understanding its principles and achieving its strategies as you will find out in the following pages of this online booklet.

The new Sustainable Prosperity principles can also:

a.) sustainably improve most areas of your life besides just physical prosperity,

b.) help us resolve the great adaptive challenge of escalating global warming emergency and its consequent climate destabilization caused by fossil fuel burning. (Practicing the many action steps of Sustainable Prosperity can also do a lot to help us get close to meeting the life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.)

c.) help us resolve many of our other 11 major global challenges facing humanity.

d.) help resolve escalating resource depletion.

e.) help us also create new sustainable economics and a new sustainable consumer (prosumer), driven economy. (This would be to replace the current modern environment-destroying, "waste and pollute" consumerism.) And,

f.) create billions of good-paying new jobs as we transition from the Second Industrial Revolution to the Third Industrial Revolution during the next 20 years.

At first, the idea of a sustainable consumerism may seem like an oxymoron if you use only the definition of the word consumerism. But as you continue reading this online booklet, you will discover new definitions and meanings for both Sustainable Prosperity and sustainable consumerism (the new prosumerism), that will both make sense and open up amazing new opportunities for the quality of your life.

"The principles of Sustainable Prosperity are necessary evolutionary adaptations for our current economic, social, and political systems. These adaptations will help humanity both thrive and overcome the harsh realities of Earth's diminishing resources as well as the challenges of supporting humanity's exponentially rising population. The new Sustainable Prosperity adaptations are critical to ever resolving global warming and its consequent climate destabilization.

These principles are derived from evolution's time-proven "rules" for sustaining success in an individual, group, or system. If humanity wishes to go on as a species, the collective principles and actions of Sustainable Prosperity will need to be embraced globally."

--Lawrence Wollersheim

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