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All About Past Planetary Worldviews and the Critical Importance of Evolution 2.0's New Universe Evolutionary Worldview to the Future

It is Important to Understand Why is this New Universe Evolutionary Worldview so Important:

"When you fully understand the scope of what a worldview is and does you will then also understand why the rare emergence of a new worldview like the Universe Evolutionary Worldview is such a watershed event for human history." Lawrence Wollersheim

The emergence of new worldviews is rare! In all of human history we have had only five major previous worldviews.

What exactly is a worldview and what does it do in a society?

"A worldview is the fundamental cognitive orientation of an individual or society encompassing the entirety of the individual or society's knowledge and point-of-view, including natural philosophy; fundamental, existential, and normative postulates; or themes, values, emotions, and ethics." Wikipedia

A worldview contains the stories, symbols, and metaphors by which we define our identity, lives, purpose, goals and rules as well as  the goals, purposes and rules of everything else like our politics, society and economy etc. A worldview gives us reasons to live and addresses the most fundamental questions of life such as who am I? Where have I come from? Why am I here? A worldview is a centering meta-paradigm of reality, a unifying individual and cultural consciousness and belief system that both underlies and also invisibly conditions, controls and limits an individual’s, group's or a culture's way of knowing, seeing, thinking, valuing and most importantly, acting in the world.

A new worldview also restructures and re-aligns the previous worldviews in order that better solutions can be used. A new worldview like Evolution 2.0's Universe Evolutionary Worldview always emerges and evolves naturally when the previous worldview no longer adequately solves the new critical problems that are arising for the individual and the society.

Each new worldview expansion provides transcending, more effective solutions that simply cannot be seen from within the constraints of the previous worldview. Each new worldview encompasses and includes the best of the previous worldviews. Sometimes before a new worldview can take hold there is a period of severe disruption, crisis or catastrophe like the Black Death and the Dark Ages just before the first Enlightenment period.

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview encompasses and includes the best of previous planetary worldviews. In the order of their emergence, the previous worldviews were called: archaic, magic, mythic, enlightenment/modern and postmodern.

It is vitally important to know about the dawning of any new worldview because it is the emerging new vision and values center and it is a bellwether of the next large-scale, powerful cultural evolution and of a pending great re-alignment about to occur in every area of life such as economics, politics, spirituality, society etc. For example, it was the emergence of a new worldview in the eighteenth century called the Enlightenment, or what is also called rational modernism, that caused what many consider to be the greatest single previous surge in cultural and personal freedom as well as a surge in human knowledge and consequent material well-being in history.

Because a worldview is a centering meta-paradigm for how the totality of reality is perceived and because it both underlies and invisibly conditions an individual’s (or culture's) way of knowing, seeing, valuing and acting in the world, new worldviews do not really overthrow old worldviews in sudden ways. They emerge slowly at the edges of humanity that are most open to the survival and sustainability advantages that a new, more accurate worldview bestows upon those few fortunate enough to have been first exposed to them and then who find ways to use it. If a new worldview gains support with those who control the educational systems, it can rapidly spread through the human population.

If there is a particular individual or collective crisis that the new worldview can help resolve in a significant and speedy and efficient way, that new worldview could move though humanity's entire literate population in less than a generation in the age of the Internet. Such a collective crisis does exist (climate destabilization by way of global warming,) and such a need does also exists today.

Another important reason the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview is so important is because it is the first time in human history that life has been viewed from the whole-universe-time and-space evolutionary perspective. We can finally see far better than ever before how the deep reoccurring meta-patterns of creating and sustaining life and communities of life work as a whole system.

This vast new universe-scaled perspective is capable of improving everything in faster and more effective ways than has ever been known before in human history.

"We simply cannot effectively resolve today's complex global challenges from a planetary systems perspective or the local or national area perspective alone! We can't even solve our personal problems effectively anymore using just a local or planetary systems perspective. Only by also using the vastly larger universe-scaled evolutionary systems perspective and its time-tested meta-principles and tools (the Universe Evolutionary Worldview,) will humanity ever successfully resolve its current planetary challenges and personal challenges." This is because as Albert Einstein said, "the consciousness and perspective that created the problem is not the consciousness and perspective that will be able to resolve the problem."---Lawrence Wollersheim  

Why the New Universe Evolutionary Worldview is Critically Important to the World at This Time

All political, economic, religious, social, legal and philosophic systems are only as good as the fundamental and centering value interpretations, processes as well as facts and belief perspectives about life in the real universe (their worldview,) upon which they were initially based (and/or upon which they are currently updated and aligned). Nowhere are the actual value interpretations, processes, facts and perspectives about life expressed more completely and scientifically than at the cutting edge of today's cosmological and progressive evolutionary life sciences.

As they exist today, all human cultural systems will continue to produce far less effective results in solving humanity's greatest common challenges until --- they are more accurately science-aligned or re-aligned first with the new enlarging empirical facts about the sustainability meta-patterns of progressive evolution at universe whole systems scale. Until then, all current cultural systems (and the currently inappropriate or smaller scale partial view values and perspectives they embody,) will continue to be a significant invisible causative or contributive components to the very challenges of humanity that they seek to resolve!

On the other hand, the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview is a centering new worldview that is big enough, inclusive, unifying and capable enough. It has more accurate science-grounded information and perspectives as well as a set of science-derived universal evolutionary ethics, which also are all critically needed to more effectively resolve every challenge now facing humanity.

This is also uniquely true because of its yet unused global consensus building ability to help rationally restructure, align or re-align all existing human cultural systems, stories, metaphors and their values/ethics (including even religion) with more accurate science-grounded evolutionary realities of the universe's whole complex adaptive systems. This global consensus building ability is true because, where there is alignment, there can be agreement.

And, where there is agreement there is flow and power. It is with this new level of agreement that efforts and resources can be better coordinated and utilized to more effectively help resolve all manner of our collective current global challenges.

The naturally emerging new Universe Evolutionary Worldview provides a monumental forward leap for coming into better harmony with life and with ourselves, as well as for ethically restructuring all of our current systems or aligning or re-aligning with each other and the universe. It is the centering and new uniting vision and perspective that encompasses exactly what is needed at the right time to successfully pass through the survival and sustainable prosperity challenges currently facing the biological and cultural systems of our planet.

With the rational and centering new vision and values of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview, we now can better align, re-structure or re-align our individual and collective mutual actions to more effectively cooperate to also create a more sustainable and prosperous planet for all.

One of the most interesting things that the Universe Evolutionary Worldview does besides helping us to restructure and realign our economic, political and social systems with its new vision is that it even helps us restructure and realign our religious systems to help them better meet the challenges of the times. If one is of a spiritual nature, it does this by offering new meta-principles that allow one to create their own personalized spirituality and it provides the ideas and tools for a new kind of trans-denominational meta-religion. (We call this Religion 2.0 AKA Evolution Spirituality.)

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview is truly the new centering hub and universe scale, whole-systems perspective that will hold! It is the emerging new evolutionary answer to the poet Yeats' famous line, "Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold..." The Universe Evolutionary Worldview is not just the new emerging center that can hold us through our next set of planetary transitions. It is so vast it is monumentally transformational of itself.

It does not just move the pieces around in small changes. It changes the way the whole game board is viewed. It does not just point to a new set of solutions to our most intractable problems. It asks a whole new set of questions and provides a whole new set of values, ethics and perspectives that allow us to see the problems themselves in a new light and then shows us how to restructure and re-align and play the game of life more successfully in a whole new way.

"The worldview change of the Great Scientific Enlightenment period has effected our world beyond what anyone could ever imagine. It created the Second Industrial Revolution. The new ideas of Evolution 2.0's  progressive evolution contained within the Universe Evolution Worldview will without a doubt usher in a new and equally great new Enlightenment period for humanity and the Third Industrial Revolution." Lawrence Wollersheim

"Homo sapiens, the first truly free species, is about to decommission natural selection,
the force that made us… Soon we must look deep within ourselves and decide what we wish to become."---Edward O. Wilson

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview will help us do this and a lot more. Keep reading the links below to find out specifically what the Evolution 2.0's Universe Evolutionary Worldview is and will do to every area of our society now that you understand the power of worldviews and the critical importance of a worldview change on every aspect of society!

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