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Sustainable Prosperity and Financial Success, Maintaining the Essential Energy Balance

(Please Note: The following is a more advanced Sustainable Prosperity core concept. You do not need to fully understand it to use and apply the principles of Sustainable Prosperity. But, we do recommend them if you are one of that curious business and financial people who want to understand the many justifications for making sustainability improvements in your life.)

Sustainability and Sustainable Prosperity at its physical core is really ALL about:

a.)  energy exchange,

b.) energy balance and,

c.) energy regulation.

For any living thing (even families, groups, businesses, organizations, and nations) to continue to exist (or grow or prosper), it must establish adequate and appropriate energy exchange and energy balance through proper energy use and energy regulation. It is a, or the basic law of the universe!

Sustainable Prosperity at its essence is also all about how to:

create and regulate the optimal energy exchange and Energy input/output balance for greater and greater lengths of time and for greater scales of people, groups, systems, etc.

Sustainable prosperity works towards achieving this in spite of the all-powerful second law of thermodynamics also called entropy. (If you are not familiar with this entropy concept, we very strongly recommend you click the entropy link and learn more now to better understand what follows.)

This law of entropy simply states that any organizations or individual that does not establish economic and physical sustainability in the form of appropriate and adequate energy exchange, energy balance, and energy regulation are just energy unsustainable. This is similar in concept to many of our current lifestyle and livelihood practices that are currently harming the environment.

It is vital to understand that at its core the most important reason to adopt sustainable prosperity and sustainable prosperity practices is that sustainable prosperity practices more optimally deal with the reality and dominant problem of the all-powerful Second Law of Thermodynamics regarding entropy and energy loss.

And there is an additional benefit. Sustainable Prosperity practices done and integrated properly also optimize the energy efficiency of the whole production system over the full production cycle and area in which anything is being produced. Sustainable Prosperity practices when

applied equally

by enforceable law to ALL parties in the production system will cut production costs by increasing efficiency for all stakeholders on this now level playing field.

The full collection of Sustainable Prosperity practices will help producers better utilize synergistic and symbiotic relationships both within and outside of their facilities. This will minimize resource and energy losses in many ways far beyond just full waste product capture and recycling.

Sustainable Prosperity principles do not deny or attack financial viability and stability, they enhance it! In fact, in almost all of our personal or cultural organizations and systems, without financial sustainability, the organizations or systems simply could not continue to exist.

Sustainable economics is not something opposed to financial viability, it is something essential and critical to achieving it in the most meaningful, lasting, and satisfying ways. Any new form of sustainable economics also will be directly based upon continually establishing and improving a sustainable prosperity for all.

"When the full definition, opportunities, and principles of Sustainable Prosperity are widely understood they will be recognized as being indispensable for both long-term financial, social, and political viability as well as long-term prosperity. Sustainable Prosperity's principles will create a new form of economically viable, sustainable consumerism it Is now being called prosumerism." --Lawrence Wollersheim

For more of the detailed specifics of what sustainable prosperity is and how it is created continue on to the next link on the right below.