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How to Create a Sustainable Prosperity Lifestyle, Livelihood and Global Society

"Our needs can be met without destroying our world." --Joanna Macey

"We can become prosumers and even thrive in our world using the principles of Sustainable Prosperity. When we become prosumers we also create hundreds of millions of new high-paying, green and life-affirming jobs as we apply these new principles and strategies."

--Lawrence Wollersheim

The Sustainable Prosperity action steps on the following pages are divided into two sections, personal actions steps and collective action steps. The personal action steps come first. These are things but you can do that should be within your individual zone of influence.

The second grouping of action steps our collective actions for the most part that we need to do together to get them accomplished. Many of the collective action steps are also collective action steps within the Job One for Humanity Climate Restabilization Plan.

Executing Sustainable Prosperity practices will cause humanity to finally think and act as an essential part of a whole system --- first as part of the whole biosphere and planet and eventually as part of the whole universe. --Lawrence Wollersheim​

To view the personal action steps of Sustainable Prosperity in this online booklet click the next link to the bottom right.