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A New Science-Grounded Worldview that Supports the Principles of Sustainable Prosperity

(Please Note: If you are a person who wants to know all of the deeper reasons why or how something works or, why it is true, the evolutionary science and wisdom of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview will help you to both justify and maintain Sustainable Prosperity practices in your life. This is because you will understand evolutionary science and wisdom at a much deeper level.

If you are the kind of person who doesn't need to know all of the reasons and justifications for something being valid,  just follow the Sustainable Prosperity personal and collective actions and practices given to you up to this point in this online booklet.

We do strongly recommend that you at least learn and try out the Universe Principles of Right Action And Right Attitude found below because they will add to the quality, meaning, and sustainability of your life. They also represent the next immediate level of science-grounded justification supporting the practices of Sustainable Prosperity. These evolution science-based justifications lay just underneath the ideas of Sustainable Prosperity.

A New Science-Grounded Worldview Supporting the Principles of Sustainable Prosperity.

“The legitimacy of the Sustainable Prosperity principles is derived directly from the time-proven principles progressive evolution and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. -- Lawrence Wollersheim

Worldviews are important. They invisibly shape our behavior and values. The new evolution science-grounded worldview behind and supporting most of the principles of Sustainable Prosperity is called the Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

In spite of today's many converging, amplifying, and whipsawing national and global major challenges, this new evolution framed worldview with its time-proven principles of success and sustainability (derived from the deep patterns within 13.8 billion years of evolution itself) has the needed knowledge and tools to resolve these national and global challenges and create a more sustainably prosperous, just, and meaningful civilization. (Some of those major national and global challenges are global warming, economic instability, and inequity, peak oil, water pollution, desertification, deforestation, overpopulation, food and resource depletion, ocean fish stock depletion, increasing droughts, war, terrorism, regional conflicts, poverty, political injustice, and political instability.)

This new evolution grounded worldview also points to the next logical evolutionary alternative model beyond our current model dominated by military/industrial, western consumer societies with their unattainable "infinite growth" goals and their waste and pollution-based hyper-competitive consumer economies. This new evolutionary worldview provides the powerful antidote to the isolating polarization and the growing product lifestyle dissatisfaction created by the insatiable, desire-manufacturing Madison Avenue advertising machine.

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview helps us to evolve from a system of power, wealth, and wellbeing mostly only for today's privileged and empowered elite to a new vision and system based upon

a.) science,

b.) union, (we really are all in this together),

c.) evolutionarily wise and balanced sustainable growth,

d.) minimal waste and pollution,

e.) a cooperative triple bottom line for profit (of stakeholders, community, and environment), and,

f.) the broad creation and sharing of physical wellbeing, meaning, and satisfaction for ALL.

That is the vision and promise behind the sustainability-creating principles of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview within's Sustainable Prosperity revolution.

If you are rightfully concerned about your and your family's future well being, your nation's future, or our rapidly deteriorating global environment, and you believe that humanity urgently needs a new and unifying, science-grounded way of seeing the world (a new worldview) start using the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and its Sustainable Prosperity principles. It will provide the new tools, ideas, and procedures to guide us through the necessary restructuring and realignment of our economic, social, political, and even religious systems.

To review these more advanced progressive evolution principles and the deeper practical working "values," actions, and attitudes effective for justifying, creating, and maintaining the Sustainable Prosperity principles, please review the following more advanced materials:

  1. To explore the deeper principles of the practical success actions for Sustainable Prosperity in what we call the Universe Principles Right Actions, click here.

  2. To explore the deeper principles of the vital success attitudes for Sustainable Prosperity in what we call the Universe Principles Right Attitudes, click here.

  3. To explore even deeper into the principles of Sustainable Prosperity expressed within a quick overview of the core steps and levels of progressive evolution, click here.

  4. To explore the big picture framework of Sustainable Prosperity found within the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview, click here.

  5. To learn more about evolution science, click here.

To continue reading in this Sustainable Prosperity online booklet, click the links to the right or left below. Click the UP link to see all of the linked pages in this booklet at the bottom of that page.