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How Evolution Spirituality Enacts its Mission Using Open Source Principles and More...

As important as what we do and where we are going (our full mission,) is how we are going to get there. The operational principles that are used for how Evolution Spirituality enacts its mission goals is just as important if not more so, than the mission goals themselves. This is for the reader who wants to go deeper into how and why Evolution Spirituality works.

In order of importance Evolution Spiritualityenacts its mission and goals in a manner that is:

  1. open source, Being open source is an essential priority at the foundational and structural core of Religion 2.0. It is because that Religion 2.0 is open source it can build the essential co-creative, adaptive and self-organizing space where people can collaborate and cooperate effectively in their search for truth while discovering, creating, and personalizing that truth. Evolution Spirituality's open-source qualities create a safe environment with healthy yet flexible and discerning operational values and principled boundaries. This safe and collaborative environment then creates the basic social agreements, shared community values, and minimal procedural harmony essential to effective learning and --- it also gracefully manages any naturally arising spiritual and other conflicts in mostly spiritual ideas and beliefs in an optimized way. To help us achieve that optimal safe and collaborative environment for learning, cooperation, and discovery within Evolution Spirituality (and for the creation of a new trans-denominational meta-religion for all of humanity,) we have developed an indispensable set of spiritual collaboration, validity test principles and structural boundary guidelines called the Open Source Religion Manifesto. These Open Source Religion principles deal with many things such as how to answer the very difficult questions about what should or should not be treated as fact or useful wisdom from other religious heritages. It is through the use of the essential minimal filtering structural boundaries of the open source religion principles that Evolution Spirituality can also filter out toxic or no longer applicable parts of Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5 that would be harmful to Evolution Spirituality and its member's ability to coordinate. Open source religion principles also create a participatory process designed to also help Religion 2.0 continually and optimally evolve the principles, policies, community's evolvability in a collaborative process. (See Part 1 of the Open Source Religion Manifesto then click here and read in Part 2 of the Open Source Religion Manifesto.  Please note: open source religion's collaborative principles go well beyond the older religion 1.5 Interfaith principles for collaboration.) (A)

  2. cooperative and collaborative, based in part upon; peer-to-peer (P2P,) principles, collaboration principles, individual support systems, and a supportive participatory community all working to help expand humanity's Collaborative Commons. In Evolution Spirituality cooperation is also the central meta-principle of progressive evolution itself. We see cooperation and the natural creation of new cooperative enterprises at every level necessary to protect humanity's essential common areas (air, water, ecosystems, etc) and essential things (internet communications neutrality, power generation, radio and cell frequencies, etc,) of our existence as critical to balance the near overwhelming competitive interests and power of capitalism and government. We also see the rise of cooperation, collaboration, and many new cooperative enterprises also as critical to bringing about the Third Industrial Revolution that will move humanity to amazing new levels of peace and sustainability. (B)

  3. evolutionary, first in the sense of the traditional meaning of changing and evolving, next in its alignment with the definition of the science of evolution as defined in progressive evolution, and finally, in the sense that it includes the ideas of Evolution Spirituality. Evolution Spirituality is a true evolutionary spirituality as it will always continue to evolves as new facts and wisdom is discovered. (I)

  4. educational, (to creatively and artistically educate through new art, meanings, symbols, metaphors, and science-grounded facts that successfully convey Evolution 2.0 and its new Universe Evolutionary Worldview as well as the new spiritual wisdom being born within Evolution Spirituality and our unique and progressive organization though a new online and offline Universe College.) (B)

  5. integral, (I) Click the Integral link to unpack what this amazing word means.

  6. self-organizing. Click here to read more about the principles of self-organization.

Additional "How We Do it" Practices:

If you are curious or an advanced student of religion, we recommend that you read all of the following "how we do it" operational principles in the links below. Please read the detail in the links. Some of the concepts in the links below have new meanings not seen in any previous spiritual movement. The B,  I, or A at the end of any item indicates its beginner, intermediate, or advance difficulty level.

  1. joyous, (We strive to create a joyous, loving, and supportive community where you can comfortably be who you are right now, while creating a more sustainable prosperity on all personal, social and spiritual life levels of life,) (I

  2. principled, (Click here to see some of our various evolution principled position papers. When you go to this page scan down the the position paper section.) (I)

  3. inclusive of all of humanity's life-affirming spiritual wisdom and heritages while --- simultaneously transcending their non-life-affirming, outdated or pathological perspectives for those that want to include materials from Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5. (B)

  4. responsible, members of our community have real responsibilities, Click here to learn about those responsibilities. (B)

  5. post-postmodern, including and then transcending the ambiguous moral relativism of post-modernism using both objective science, subjective experience, and inter-subjective understanding. Click here to see how in part we include and transcend the critical role and integral balance of the "I," "We" and "It" perspectives of Post Modernism. (I)

  6. supportive of intentional cooperative partnerships at increasing scale aligned with progressive evolution on personal, social, spiritual and physical planetary and even universe levels, (I)

  7. dialectical at meta-systemic levels. (Click here to learn more about what that means from a book review covering this breakthrough in thinking skills.) (A)

  8. And finally, this document mentions administrative how to's and things not mentioned above and summarizes perfectly the how to what we do. If you are curious or you are a student on one of our online courses, click here to learn about all of our other supporting administrative and spiritual guiding principles of Evolution Spirituality. (A)

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