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What are the Other Unique Qualities of Evolution Spirituality

The following Evolution Spirituality unique qualities and characteristics offer many benefits --- many of which are not available in any other form of religion:

  1. Evolution Spirituality provides a science-grounded, sharable, and common genesis story for the 13.8 billion years of the universe's existence that is common to and uniting for all humanity! In this genesis story is offered a new common identity full of meaning and purpose as a vital partner in the progressive evolution of life on our planet and in the universe. Click here for more information on this science grounded uniting genesis story. (B)

  2. Evolution Spirituality is based significantly, but not exclusively upon the direct physical and objective observation and physical experience of the universe as a whole and as a unified system. It grounds, supports, and balances subjective personal religion and spirituality for the first time from a whole systems, integral and physical universe-framed objective perspective. It holds that even though the physical universe may not be the ultimate end of the spiritual discovery and exploration process, it is the first, most direct, and most common objective collective space wherein individuals can explore and test their subjective personal spirituality and then agree upon what common or universal spiritual values and meanings they have discovered in an open and reasonable manner. Direct, objective observation of the patterns of the physical universe has always been the source of our oldest spiritual wisdom and practical principles for living. Now because of the many new universe-scaled discoveries by modern science, it now has once again become the surprising source of the newest and most life-affirming spiritual wisdom and practical principles for living (as found within the perspectives and principles of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview.) Direct observation of the physical universe may also be the most optimized way to know the nature, purposes of the Origin and Original Source of the physical universe in that directly observing the fruit (the universe,) of any seed tells you a lot about the nature, purposes, and destiny of that seed. In truth, all that we can know objectively about Ultimate Reality is from direct observation of the physical universe. What this means is that Evolution Spirituality incorporates the wisdom of both science and spirituality to create integral well-being on all levels.  Click here to see exactly how we integrate science and spirituality in a balanced way and integrate new, accurate and useful science and humanity's omni-denominational spiritual heritage of life-affirming wisdom into a life-enhancing new balance. (B)

  3. In Evolution Spirituality you will not have to abandon your rational/factual left brain and the objective scientific facts of reality while seeking optimal well-being, deeper meaning, and meaningful values and wholeness through personal exploration of humanity's great spiritual wisdom and tools. You will always also be able to honor and wisely integrate the intuitive heart and subjective right brain's wisdom, myths, metaphors, values, and other many life-affirming ideas from the world's great religions. In Evolution Spirituality you can and do both! It allows you to use your whole brain's capabilities while you are trying to better understand your own origin, nature, purpose, and "destiny" as well as the universe's. You do not have to deny either part of your brain's natural capabilities ---- either the objective rationality of the left brain or the subjective, intuitive and metaphoric value and meaning-making found on the right side of the brain.

  4. Evolution Spirituality will also always encourage you to incorporate a science-grounded universe perspective and scale to balance and integrate the objective, rational left brain with the subjective, value, and meaning-making of the right brain for a deeper, broader, and more useful view of universe reality."The relationship worked out between science and religion will determine the destiny of the human race." Alfred Lord Whitehead Click here to see how we help you work out the relationship between science and religion and integrate science and spirituality in a balanced way. This section is one of the most important sections in understanding how objective science and personal subjective spirituality are integrated and balanced!

  5. Evolution Spirituality embraces a new, expanded, and unified understanding of the integration of life and spirit in the universe that sustains us all. (It does this using the biggest possible perspective by embracing and teaching the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and key principles of progressive evolution. These universe time-proven guiding principles and values, [which our current societies and social systems need to soon align with or be unsustainable,] are found in part in the new Universe Evolutionary Principles of Sustainability. Using the Universe Evolutionary Worldview educates and helps to create the new universe citizens, Evolutioneers, and evolutionary leaders, educators, advocates, and activists needed for a sustainable and meaningful future for all. (I)

  6. Evolution Spirituality openly and honestly addresses and manages the pathologies, problems and power abuses of past and current religious and spiritual groups by offering new solutions as well as new individual and community spiritual safeguards for these areas. This in fact is one of the most unique aspects of Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality. Click here to see those spiritual safeguards. (I)

  7. Evolution Spirituality is an adventure of self-organized personal and community full potential release, growth, and discovery. It is designed to release and develop both your and your community's full potentials for growth by exploring the Three Great Adventures of Life in and with what is known as Ultimate Reality! These three Great Adventures of Life are the epic self-discovery and life-empowerment adventures of today’s new life and spirit heroes, heroines, and leaders. They are the life and spirit adventures, which will release your greatest potentials and conscious awareness to serve: your most worthwhile and life-affirming goals, your community, the Earth and all it's life, the amazing unstoppable power-flow of the progressive directionality of the universe's evolution and, the great mystery of Ultimate Reality which interconnects all things. (If you have not read the Three Great Spiritual Adventures of Life, be sure to do so now!) (B)

  8. Evolution Spirituality helps you to learn, use and integrate Evolution 2.0's many practical art-of-living skills that are also absolutely essential to a meaningful, successful, and sustainable life. (B)

  9. Evolution Spirituality is today's leader in educating about evolutionary science grounded and how to live its sustainability principles. The principles of Evolution 2.0 convey a Sustainable Prosperity building success advantage to all who understand and use them. These meta-principles will help you to create or expand a sustainable "right livelihood." (Creating a Sustainable Prosperity is one of our major evolutionary programs. We have created a comprehensive position paper and program describing its principles as well as how to create it at each level of society.)

  10. Evolution Spirituality social activism embodies the "first things first" principle. In fact, Our first promandment is to act as self-organizing responsible sustainability stewards of the living bio-systems of the planet and the universe. We call this first promandment the Job One for Humanity Plan. It is our first promandment simply because if we and future generations are not sustainable the necessary "game board" for all of life will disappear and all individual goals and life games will cease. The massive global warming currently occurring is due primarily to human fossil fuel burning resulting in the massive carbon pollution of the atmosphere. If we do not solve this challenge soon, within decades human life as we know it will be radically worsened. (Our Job One for Humanity Climate Plan for both preparing for and mitigating irreversible or near extinction-level global warming embodies all of our sustainability principles. (B)

  11. Evolution Spirituality for those seeking personal exploration of Ultimate Reality suggests a possible new form of panentheistic deism or evolutionary deism. Deism was the religious persuasion of many Enlightenment thinkers and the founding fathers of the United States. Click here for more information on classic deism.

  12. Evolution Spirituality helps you to discover new answers as well as re-discover classic and progressive answers of Religion 1.0 and religion 1.5 to the most important questions of life. (Click here if you would like to see all of the "where did we come from where are we going" type origin, nature, purpose, and "destiny" questions of life and existence for which Evolution Spirituality will help you self-discover answers.)

  13. Evolution Spirituality promotes direct spiritual experience as an effective and primary tool to enhance the search for for the subjective experience of and for new meanings of Ultimate Reality of Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5. We will not bury you in dogma and beliefs. Through direct spiritual experience you are the one who subjectively discovers what to believe and not to believe about what Ultimate Reality is for you.

  14. Evolution Spirituality is an applied religion and spirituality. This simply means that Religion 2.0 is most authentic and validated when you actually apply and live it. All study of spirituality must be balanced with equal amounts of spiritual and social service to be balanced, wise, and optimally effective. Accordingly, Religion 2.0 actively encourages and supports its members in doing wise social, spiritual, and community service to improve the world. As a new science-grounded applied personal spirituality fully embracing the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the principles of eco-spirituality/eco-religion, Religion 2.0 is uniquely equipped to help forward and achieve social betterment goals because it offers realistic hope and an optimism that "we" together can collaboratively better our world using both good science and the meta-perspectives of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview as part of Religion 2.0's social activism through discovery in science, direct spiritual experience (if you are spiritually inclined,) and contributing to the "something greater than self" community service programs.

  15. Evolution Spirituality embraces and affirmatively supports women's spirituality and the indispensable role of re-balancing and re-integrating the feminine/masculine power balance back into society and re-establishing the importance of the Divine Feminine as essential and powerful new ways to help create a just, sustainable and meaningful quality of life for all. For more on how women's empowerment and women's spirituality is embraced within Evolution Spirituality see our Century of Women Program and then click here as well.) (B)

  16. Evolution Spirituality has had to create new definitions for key religious terms. One reason for the new or expanded definitions of religious terms in Religion 2.0 is because the Evolution 2.0 meta-principles found within the progressive evolution facts of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. This new information that has been integrated throughout the Religion 2.0 materials has significantly qualified and expanded our understanding of so much more of the world and reality around us. Another reason is due to Evolution Spirituality's open-source nature. While we still use some parts of Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5 spiritual definitions for many terms, we have also had to significantly expand many Religion 1.0 and religion 1.5 spiritual definitions to describe the new spiritual, conceptual, or physical spaces just being discovered and brought into being for the very first time by this open-source and science-grounded Religion 2.0.

  17. Evolution Spirituality is an open-source religion that builds a co-creative, adaptive and self-organizing space where people can collaborate and cooperate effectively in their search for spiritual truth while discovering, creating, and personalizing that spiritual truth. (Please read Part 1 of the Open Source Religion and Spirituality Manifesto then click here and read in Part 2 of the Open Source Religion and Spirituality Manifesto specifically the section called Co-Creational Principles for Building an Open Source Religion and Spirituality Collaboration. It contains a full list of Religion 2.0's critical and essential co-creational principles for effectively practicing a collaborative open-source personal spirituality that also allows our new form of Religion 2.0's secular and/or spiritual communities to function in safe, healthy, and sustainable ways.) (A)

  18. Evolution Spirituality provides new codes of ethical conduct relevant to wisely resolving the complexities and realities of the 21st century that also have universal applicability. Religion 2.0 knows the value of creating a safe environment. In addition to the Evolution Spirituality's Open Source Spirituality Manifesto (mentioned above,) we also use a new set of universal guiding principles derived from universe-scaled evolutionary science that we call the Universe Principles of Sustainability. These principles along with our Universe Community code of conduct, (which is also in part, derived from humanity's omni-denominational heritage of life-affirming spiritual wisdom,) is another important part of creating a collaborative and safe environment where individuals grow optimally and our community thrives. (Inside our code of conduct are links to the new Universe Principles of Sustainability. For the time being it's okay to read the Universe Principles of Sustainability without fully understanding the science behind how they came into being. A more complete understanding of them will be found in our courses at Universe College. Farther down this document, you will see an additional section describing our spiritual safeguards for the other ways in which we create a safe personal and community environment. We do this using the historical wisdom derived from all spiritual denominations on what they have learned that both illuminates and manages the darker side of spiritual and religious pathologies, spiritual teachers, and spiritual organizations, which is seldom openly discussed or managed in traditional religions. Click here to see our community code of conduct.)

  19. Evolution Spirituality helps to create Evolutioneers. It helps the individual to become a universe citizen and Evolutioneer to help co-create a new science-rational evolutionary community and a new planetary culture and civilization. The dissemination and growth of Evolution Spirituality ideas and values will also hopefully help build many more universe science grounded communities and a new mini-culture where objective scientific probabilities are wisely integrated with your subjective personalized spirituality and the most life-affirming wisdom from all of humanity’s entire vast spiritual heritage. The vast challenges of today's new interconnectedness and interdependence urgently calls for the creating of more jobs, healthier families, communities, and government, universal access to health care and education, and a new kind of more fair exchange based sustainable prosperity for ALL individuals ---- as well as our planet's bio-systems! The Universe Citizens and Evolutioneers that Evolution Spirituality helps create are individuals leading in these areas of wise social activism. (When we emphasize the word wise social activism, we mean that one most optimally engages in social activism only after one has carefully evaluated the best plan for such actions using the new meta-systemic dialectical thinking processes for working with complex adaptive systems [that we will soon be offering in an online course.] This new kind of thinking breakthrough is a key tool of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview.) (I)

  20. Evolution Spirituality is a trans-denominational meta-spirituality. Trans-denominational means that Evolution Spirituality both includes and transcends the life-affirming spiritual wisdom and tools of all religious denominations. Evolution Spirituality as a trans-denominational meta-religion may also be the first potentially trans-planetary spirituality in that its principles not only apply to our planet, but they are just as applicable to other areas of the universe where life might be found in the future. Some individuals see Evolution Spirituality as a universe-framed and grounded spirituality being applied at a planetary level. (A)

  21. Evolution Spirituality envisions death and what is possible after death in numerous humble and rational ways. We embrace all of the possibilities of everything from the many life extension and eventual immortality possibilities of evolutionary transhumanism to the possibilities of awakening at some new level to the union of ones own body/spirit/consciousness, which may eventually preserve and transport your highest spiritual Essence and potentially and --- even transcend the death of the physical body. Just as the material elements of the body will return to the planet and universe at death it is rational to postulate that any non-materials elements of an individual's life such as the consciousness (or non-material parts of the mind,) the soul, spirit, essence or personality will return at death to any possible non-material source.

  22. Evolution Spirituality is a true eco-spirituality.

  23. Evolution Spirituality was first brought into being by the non-profit spiritual education organization Universe Spirit. (B)

(The section just above incorporates many of the core principles of the opensource unique "kernel" of Evolution Spirituality.)

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