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Why the NewBreakthrough on the Progressive Directionality of Evolution is Vitally Important to Your Life and Your Success?

The new information on evolution's progressive nature is critical to our future because evolution itself is:

a.) "science's greatest discovery," 

b.) the best documented "meta-theory of everything" that currently exists and,

c.) the most trial-and-error tested and eons-of-time proven successful system that has ever existed.

To say that universe evolution is the most successful system that has ever existed is not an overstatement because nothing else even comes close in total time of existence or the scale of the area encompassed. Evolution has evolved and sustained many forms of life and our 200 billion light-years wide universe over billions of years. No other system even comes close in sustainability or scale!

When we study the history of the whole evolving universe from a multidisciplinary approach as a complex adaptive whole system, we are able to discern the commonly occurring meta-patterns in the creation of life, as well as those meta-patterns that have proven most successful in sustaining and thriving life and in building ever larger and more functional, stable and sustainable groupings and unions.

More reasons this new work on the meta-patterns of progressive evolution is critically important to you:

1.) Even if you are not consciously aware of it, you are fully embedded inside of the Universe's evolutionary process. The meta-patterns of master universe evolution always control the lower-level process of all universe subsystems --- subsystems like us, our businesses, our nations, and our planet. This means that where the unstoppable evolutionary forces of universe evolution go --- you too will eventually go!

2.) The essential directionality, meta-patterns and meta-principles of evolution when understood will help you to more wisely and intentionally evolve yourself, your groups, businesses, religions, nations, and even humanity into a better alignment with the time-tested, time-proven success and sustainability meta-principles of nature, life, and the universe. These science-grounded meta-principles of evolution are ultimately useful in that they can be used in practical ways to dramatically improve the success of our daily lives.

3.) Progressive evolution's meta-principles can also provide the science-grounded foundation, the needed new worldview (the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview,) as well as a new ideological clarity to underpin the ideas and goals for a New Economy of Sustainable Prosperity and abundance as well as for the billions of new jobs that the breakthrough Third Industrial Revolution and the Zero Marginal Cost Sharing Society will create.

4.) The meta-principles of progressive evolution will be a powerful tool to help facilitate and ease the great jobs global transition from the Second Industrial Revolution of fossil fuels into the greener Third Industrial Revolution over the next 20-40 years.

If you are curious to learn more about the many benefits of progressive evolution and the new worldview it creates, keep clicking the links at the bottom left or right of the page. If you click the UP link and go to the bottom of that page you will see all of the pages in this online booklet.