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What Are the Mission and Goals of This Organization in Forwarding The New Universe Evolutionary Worldview

The mission and goals of the New Universe Evolutionary Worldview are:

a.) To educate individuals on how to use the meta-principles of universe progressive evolution to improve the success of their personal lives in practical ways. Practitioners of the meta-principles of universe progressive evolution will significantly improve their evolutionary fitness, adaptability, and control of their environments as well as function more cooperatively and successfully as groups and in groups.

 This first part of our mission of forwarding of the progressive evolution of you as an individual, the groups in which you are embedded, humanity and the planet and the universe is truly amazing because it is the most basic supporting foundation and context upon which ALL of your other goals can emerge, be wisely realized and sustained over time!

b.) To teach individuals how to forward the progressive evolution of their groups, nation, humanity, the planet, and the universe.  This eventually includes:

i.) To help guide humanity in consciously and ethically evolving its cognitive and biological human nature,

Humanity's cognitive and biological human nature is not a static unchanging thing. Human nature initially evolved solely through the mechanics of genetic evolution. Once humanity started creating culture, human nature started evolving quicker because of the values, laws, education, and repetitive practices of cultural evolution. Because of cultural evolution, human nature was civilized and evolved far faster than just the random genetic mutation that pure genetic evolution could ever achieve.

Evolution 2.0 also educates about the new 21st-century art-of-living skill sets which are the next steps to advance and extend the effectiveness of cultural education to develop, evolve and realize the potentials of human nature. Once the tools of cultural education have taken developing human nature as far as it can go, it is then time to add in the next level toolset for evolving human nature.

In addition to continuing to use the tools and methods of human culture to improve human nature, humanity using proper safeguards now has the opportunity to speed up the evolution of cognitive and biological human nature as never has been done before by also using the new technologies of genetic engineering. Just as cultural evolution has dramatically speeded up the evolution of human nature humanity also now has a new ability to speed up the evolution and development of human nature by wisely using these new technologies.

The transcending of human nature genetically is a new kind of freedom, which is only being articulated for the first time here in the 21st century because we now have the actual ability to begin achieving it. This new freedom is freedom from the limitations of past, pre-determined or inborn genetic limitations. Inborn genetic limitations can include everything from genetic defects, to built-in and hardwired emotional responses that are no longer appropriate to today's living conditions and environments to limitations on the cognitive processing abilities of the brain itself.

This new freedom also includes freedom from current physical limitations through mechanical and biological augmentation. Already, it is common today in society for individuals to get artificial hearts, hips, joints, arms, and many other mechanical or biological enhancements to help them resolve or enhance current physical conditions or remedy limitations. (Click here to learn about overcoming the limitations of human nature with new technologies and the appropriate safeguards.)

ii.) To help humanity in consciously and ethically evolving its evolutionary successors and "children."

Humanity as a species also appears not to be an end unto itself when seen from a big-picture evolutionary perspective. By looking at the long-term evolution of the planet it is clear that humanity as a species has appeared due to the rise (and in many cases the extinction,) of many predecessor species. Therefore it is only logical and reasonable to believe that since 99.9 percent of every species that has ever lived on the planet is now extinct, humanity as a species will also give rise to humanity's evolutionary successors and "children" --- just exactly as humanity's evolutionary predecessors gave rise to it.

One of the possible pathways in giving rise to humanity's successors and "children" would be for humanity to transcend its limiting biology and the current limitations of its mental abilities (what we normally consider humanity's mostly-fixed human nature,) is genetic engineering. There are other ways as well. (For more information on creating our own successors click here to learn more about evolutionary transhumanism.)

(Please Note: Accepting all of the above "evolving human nature" issues as part of your higher mission can be challenging to all that you may have ever read in modern goal books that focus their advice on life's core goals being first and mostly about individual human happiness and comfort and getting what you want. When you learn more about why our mission above is about the larger, more powerful, and effective truth yet also includes all of the smaller important truths as well as your important personal goals you will better understand why you will be able "to have your cake and eat it too.")

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