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The Universe Evolutionary Worldview aka Evolution 2.0

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There is a new science-derived worldview based on the principles of progressive evolution when viewed from a universe scale. This new worldview describing much of the Evolution 2.0 breakthrough is appropriately called the Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

This new worldview both locates and embeds each of our individual lives and the Earth's whole evolutionary process and history within the vastly "bigger picture" evolutionary realities and objectives of the universe's ongoing whole history and progressive evolutionary process. What makes this universe evolution-based worldview so vitally important to your daily life is the fact that its success and sustainability meta-principles derived from the core repeating meta-patterns of progressive evolution have been thoroughly success-tested over 13.7 billion years of evolutionary progress. 

Today's scientific meta-principles of evolution when also seen from the whole scale of universe history reflect an objective, accurate and comprehensive overview of the most successful qualities and processes of nature (evolution in the universe,) for thriving and sustaining life and living groupings within the universe.

The core of Evolution 2.0 is based primarily on the meta-principles of evolution and current multi-disciplinary science. Using science and the meta-principles of evolution as its foundation practitioners of Evolution 2.0 improve their fitness, adaptability and control of their environments as well as function more cooperatively and successfully as groups. This is the main advantage that makes them more successful and sustainable in life.

"When applied to your life, the science-grounded meta-principles of universe evolution will guide and empower you into more sustainable success and personal meaning across greater scales of time and space --- far beyond any other belief or philosophical system existing today!

When evolution's meta-principles are eventually applied to every area of our society they will bring about the greatest leap forward in the maturity of our civilization in all of human history.

By becoming informed about evolution's meta-principles you have the opportunity to become an Evolutioneer, which is an effective partner and essential co-creator of the greatest adventure of all time --- the progressive evolution of intelligent, self-conscious life both here on Earth and then out to the stars and into the universe."  Lawrence Wollersheim

If you are curious about the new vision of practical hope of Evolution 2.0 to help create a New Economy of Abundance for all through creating a Zero Marginal Cost Society and a Third Industrial Revolution or you are curious about Evolution 2.0's new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and its meta-principles like sustainable prosperity or, what specific Evolution 2.0's ideas can benefit your personal life, community, and nation, be sure to first click the Subscribe/Join link at the top of this web page, then click the link just below.

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