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An Overview of the Implications of the New Sustainable Prosperity

The Implications of Sustainability:

Sustainable Prosperity is composed of two words. The first word--"sustainable"--has a robust meaning. Most of the definitions of sustainable contain elements for not only allowing life to survive but more importantly, allowing life to thrive in all the important and meaningful ways and for longer and longer periods of time!

Embedded within the definition of sustainability as we use it is the concept of "seeing" the natural world as a complex adaptive system interdependent and interconnected instead of separate parts. When one sees the natural world in this integral way, one does not just see a single species in competition with another. One steps back and sees the larger picture of an ecosystem and union where cooperation between various ecosystem niches is the more dominant force of biologic evolution.

This has special implications for how Sustainable Prosperity unfolds. For instance, sustainable prosperity solutions cooperatively involve all of the interconnected and interdependent stakeholders and all those affected by a particular decision or evolutionary change. Like our unified, interconnected, and interdependent planetary evolution when seen from a big picture perspective, Sustainable Prosperity does not "polarize to mobilize" with "us versus them" adaptations and changes.

Sustainable Prosperity does not seek to shame, blame or make people wrong for not understanding or applying sustainable prosperity principles or practices. It seeks to educate about the best practices and principles on how to cooperatively redesign our products, industries, lifestyles, and livelihoods to both fit benignly into and harmonize with the natural world that supports every aspect of our existence. Sustainable Prosperity ultimately seeks to demonstrate to each of us how a Sustainability Prosperity lifestyle, livelihood, and society are ultimately within our best evolutionary self-interest.

Sustainable Prosperity is not just about technical solutions for our current climate, environmental or resource problems. Sustainable Prosperity frames the necessary adaptive challenges for individual, economic, social, and political improvement as a great transformational evolutionary adventure.  Through its multidisciplinary approach, Sustainable Prosperity helps us to evolve integrally from both the inside out and the outside in.

The Implications of Prosperity:

The second word of Sustainable Prosperity means to thrive. It means to have the appropriate abundance necessary and ample sufficiency to maintain life and, where appropriate, grow. (It also has many other expanded new meanings as you will discover on the following pages of this online booklet.  The following online booklet pages will go both deeper into the definition and practices of Sustainable Prosperity as well as the hundreds of millions of new jobs it will create.)

For more information on what Sustainable Prosperity, sustainable economics, and sustainable consumerism are and how they are created, continue on to the next link on the right below.