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The Open-Source Personal Spirituality Revolution

Almost seven billion people are already practicing some form of open-source personalized spirituality in one way or another, in part because almost no one completely accepts and practices all of the beliefs and practices of any faith to which they were born into or belong. Millennial generation members particularly want to make their spiritual faith a personal creation.

Whether most people of faith admit to it publicly or not, almost everyone is already accepting or rejecting various spiritual or religious beliefs and practices and personalizing their chosen spirituality or religion in an open source way. This simple subjective accepting or rejecting of spiritual or religious beliefs and practices from any and every religion, using one's own experience, judgment skills and authority is the raw simplicity, reality, and essence of what open-source personal spirituality is. 

Evolution Spirituality's open-source personalized spirituality is a natural evolutionary occurrence that is already happening everywhere and it is also rapidly expanding as a spiritual practice for more people, as many religions remain or try to become more restrictive in their beliefs and practices in their reaction to either this growing movement or to the powerful scientific changes in the world.

We hope you enjoy the many Evolution Spirituality concepts you will find on the Universe Spirit website, particularly this part on open-source personalized spirituality. It is a self-created, subjective spiritual process, which embodies the definition, key principles, and "how to's" for optimally creating or expanding your own open-source personal spirituality. Evolution Spirituality is all about providing you the most effective and accurate information and tools with which to self-create, customize, and optimize your own spirituality through a process that uses all of humanity's vast heritage of life-affirming spiritual wisdom and tools as well as the best of current, universe-scaled science. 

"Every person has their own unique spiritual path. These spiritual paths are so unique that there appears to be exactly as many religions in the world as there are people on their paths of personal spiritual development."

--- Rochelle Strider, Evolution Spirituality Life, and Spirit Facilitator