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More About Evolution Spirituality's Open-Source Personal Spirituality

The open-source personal spirituality aspect of Evolution Spirituality honors the fact that no matter what religious denomination we may have been born into or chosen, later on, almost all of us are continually creating or modifying our own personalized spirituality or version of this religion based on our ongoing experiences and the new information that we receive about life and about other religions and spiritual practices. In truth, very few of us either believe or practice ALL of what our current religious denomination tells us to believe or do. We invisibly personalize them. 

By far, most of us are already involved in the ongoing subjective creation of our own open-source personal spirituality and unique religions--so why not openly honor the process! Although for centuries the idea of self-creating your own transformative personal spirituality has been overlooked or underused, the core concepts of it are as old, if not older than, religion itself. In many ways, creating your own open-source personal spirituality is the original religion!

Open-source personal spirituality is also about one’s most direct personal and/or impersonal experience of and relationship to Ultimate Reality. It is the one "tree trunk" that holds, nurtures, and integrates all of the branches of the various religions of the world. At the deepest levels, it is an evolutionary and integral viewing position that allows for many omni-denominational religious and spiritual narratives to metaphorically and "authentically" describe an indescribable Ultimate Reality from their unique cultural experiences and perspectives without inconsistencies. (Omni-denominational basically means from all denominations.)

Next, transformative, direct spiritual experience of Ultimate Reality is the very heart of the open-source personal spirituality ---and is also the essential core of all the world’s great religions (and held by many individuals and religions to be the single highest purpose and nature of religion itself). This innermost essence of all religion is not religion’s outermost characteristics such as its social beliefs, doctrines, rituals and organizational structures, authorities, and hierarchies. It is the direct spiritual experience experienced by many of the founders and saints of the world's religions. (Important note: If you skipped the direct spiritual experience definition link, we highly recommend you review it before going on further because its results are really what almost everyone is hoping to achieve in their religious and spiritual life.)

Active creation of one’s spirituality (an integrative open-source personal spirituality) by using all of the life-affirming spiritual wisdom and tools as well as the science that humanity has acquired has been significantly re-invigorated and broadened over the past 30 years because of the internet, modern communication, international trade and travel, the rise of the global Interfaith movement and quite importantly, the recent birth of Evolution Spirituality's Open Source Spirituality and all of the other modern factors that are making our shared world smaller and helping to evolve a truly global community. Where once members of one religion would only be exposed to the tenets and authorities of their own faith, today internet and communications media technology is increasingly cross-pollinating the finest spiritual wisdom and the awe-inspiring lives of the saints and founders of different religions to individuals of every other religion.

The natural, evolutionary cross-pollination and integration of process involving the spiritual wisdom and omni-denominational personal examples from all of mankind’s religious and spiritual heritage and, the new breakthroughs in universe science, fuel the surging personal spirituality aspects of Evolution Spirituality.  Personal spirituality is also growing because the soulspirit or highest essence/self within us naturally tends to recognize the universal applicability and importance of any spiritual wisdom and science truth--no matter where it comes from!

Once wisdom and scientific truth have been recognized, the innermost part of us does not want to let that wisdom or truth go; it wants to make that wisdom or truth a necessary part of our lives. Today’s more authoritarian and sectarian denominational religious organizations are having little success in slowing or stopping this powerful, natural evolutionary trend toward the integration of all spiritual wisdom and science and personalization of religion.

The power of evolution upon spiritual progress appears to be unstoppable. Today, as it should be, members of religions all over the world are becoming more independent and active in creating their own open-source personal spirituality--in essence, creating their own open-source personalized religion from the best of all denominations and current science from within whatever religious tradition they were born into or in which they currently find themselves.

Two closing thoughts on the future; Evolution Spirituality and Personal Spirituality:

"The relationship worked out between science and religion will determine the destiny of the human race."---Alfred Lord Whitehead

"There will finally be peace on earth when there are as many religions on earth as there are people. This will happen then because the subjectively created rules and ideas of each of these personal religions will apply only to the individual who has formed or created them and these subjectively created religious rules and ideas may not then be claimed or enforced to be objective science fact or religious truth for others."---A principle of open-source Evolution Spirituality.

Additional Important Reading:

Understanding more about what the Open Source Spirituality of Evolution Spirituality is and what its key principles are helps one to far better understand the personal spirituality of the older Religion 1.5 because one discovers how open-source spirituality empowers personal spirituality allows for community and a collaborative commons! The open-source personal spirituality principles found on these pages are also an essential part of the core "kernel" of Evolution Spirituality.