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How to Resolve the Next Great Global Jobs Crisis that Politicians, Businesses and National Banks Dare Not Discuss For Fear the Millenials and Younger Generations Might Revolt!

The harsh jobs and unemployment reality that no government politician or business leader will discuss on the record is that because of ever-escalating "new technologies" improvements in productivity and efficiency, billions of good and average paying jobs will be leaving the global economy permanently!

And it is not the outsourcing of jobs in the Western economies that is causing this permanent and ever-escalating decrease in the global creation of new jobs.

The Real Threat to Future Job Creation:

As robotics, biotechnology, artificial intelligence (AI), nano-manufacturing, self-programming software as well as the new Web 3.0, the Internet of Things (IOT), and 3D printers become more developed and widespread, the job and career paths of work as we know them today are going to radically and quickly change. There are many examples of these new technologies increasing productivity and rendering old jobs obsolete in many job areas.

Escalating technologies will continue to eliminate new jobs due to more efficient productivity that requires less and less human participation (apart from a small portion of super-bright, super-educated technology designers and maintainers). The use of artificial intelligence to write needed new software or software upgrades automatically within 10-20 years may eliminate up to 70% of all human software engineers and programmers.

The exponential increases in current job elimination due to new more efficient new technologies is the harsh reality that needs to be openly and publicly acknowledged without denial or fear so that humanity can use this information and create a transition path to an even better level of existence and meaningful jobs. Unfortunately, our government politicians and business leaders do not want to discuss or even begin the necessary and realistic preparation for this escalating transition that is rapidly engulfing the world's labor force.

The early signs of massive structural job loss are all around us! Already many Western economies have seen 10-16% or more in real national unemployment as the new norm and soon even those numbers could continue to rise. (Many countries play accounting tricks with how they define real unemployment in their countries so as not to discourage the population or lose their jobs. For instance, in the US the unemployment rate is currently published at about 6.5 %, but that rate does not include millions of people who have become discouraged and have simply dropped out of the job market. The REAL unemployment rate in the US is around 12% or more.)

A Workable but Painful Solution to The Global Jobs Loss Challenge:

During the next 10-30 years, we will be in a Great Jobs Loss Transition period because we are rapidly moving from the Second Industrial Revolution to the Third Industrial Revolution. Hundreds of millions of Second Industrial Revolution jobs will be lost in the high-speed transition and there is little that can or should be done to try to fight or stop this natural evolutionary jobs transition. This transition will create a critical and painful "shoulder period" of too rapid of transition where the jobs of the Third Industrial Revolution have not yet fully come online while the jobs of the Second Industrial Revolution are disappearing at an exponentially increasing pace.

In order to avert a massive social job crisis due to escalating mass unemployment of workers trained for and doing the jobs of and related to the Second Industrial Revolution, we must initiate immediate training for the jobs of the Third Industrial Revolution. We must also utilize the windfall of the billions of new jobs that will also be created by applying the principles of Sustainable Prosperity.

If we use the new jobs created by the principles of sustainable prosperity as a stepping stone, we can make it through this looming Second industrial Revolution mass job transition crisis. We can then more easily transition to the many new jobs of the Third Industrial Revolution and the era beyond it. (The era beyond the Third Industrial Revolution promises to be one where there will be more abundance for all with less monotonous work and more time for personal and societal development, as well as healthy personal and social relationships.)

The information you find in the next link below to the right is all about what the new jobs of a new sustainable prosperity economy will be. That information, plus the other information on this website about how to create the new sustainable prosperity, realistically offers a path to manage this Great Jobs Transition crisis of today for the future. This online booklet providing Sustainable Prosperity information offers not only new structures, directions and solutions to help us through the Great Jobs Transition transition of today, it also offers billions more offsetting good and meaningful jobs and a practical and realistic plan for better and sustainable lives for all.

If we do not make the necessary evolutionary adaptations quickly to deal with the Great Jobs Loss Transition being caused by the advances in robotics, biotechnology, artificial intelligence (AI), nano-manufacturing, self-programming software, the new Web 3.0, the Internet of Things (IOT), and 3D printers, Millennials and the younger generations might revolt. They are already dealing with hardships and multiple global challenges like no other generation has ever faced!

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