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Evolution 2.0's Position on Nuclear Technology


In the face of global warming and climate destabilization we must keep our minds open to new energy sources. We may have to even temporarily use stepping-stone and transitional energy sources such as nuclear energy until we can go completely green energy sometime in the future.

This means even considering "light green" solutions like the more secure and much smaller 4th generation breeder nuclear reactors, (which as of yet have still not been perfected.) These more secure and much smaller 4th generation breeder nuclear reactors are designed to use the existing worldwide stockpiles of spent and currently stockpiled and stored dangerous nuclear waste as their primary fuel source. They are also designed to produce a nuclear waste by-product that decays in 300 years rather than 10,000 years of the current nuclear reactors. This is a huge cost savings to the public and our utilities.

If they are able to actually create and deploy these new 4th generation breeder reactor fast enough, and if the climate destabilization continues to worsen as rapidly as it is worsening now, we may have no other choice but to use this new form of 4th generation nuclear reactor until we can go almost totally green energy. (Please note this discussion of the new 4th generation nuclear breeder reactor possibility in no way endorses expanded use of the current generation of nuclear reactors that have produced many disasters such as Chernobyl and Fukushima and are producing millions of tons of nuclear waste that must be stored safely for 10,000 years --- on a planet where no government, empire or nation has ever lasted stably for more than 600 years.

As Evolutioneers our current full position on all aspects and potential uses of nuclear energy is that:

1.) We need to remain open to the fact that at some point in the future new and non or less dangerous forms of nuclear energy may possibly become exactly what we critically need for some essential aspect for our next stage of human evolution.

2.) We must intentionally and consciously guide and limit current nuclear energy applications with the best ethical procedures, scientific safeguards and international laws our brightest and best minds can offer.

3.) Because we are still an almost adolescent species in evolutionary time scales and because we can be easily blinded by a non multidisciplinary techno-optimism, we must exercise great caution in these areas, but not with a progress choking caution that stops all intelligent or necessary risk.

4.) We must remain humble because in the life and Earth systems where this technology will be applied. the systems are complex adaptive systems where results and consequences are often unpredictable and non-linear. This means that in spite of our best ethical procedures and scientific safeguards there still will be unforeseen accidents, calamities and devastating catastrophes.

5.) We must use this technologies to work with and align with the deep patterns of the universe's progressive evolutionary processes and not attempt to inappropriately control, overwhelm or bypass those ancient, controlling and conditioning meta-processes. In new technology applications the "Akido approach" will generally be better and do less evolutionary destructive creation damage that the "bull in the china shop approach." 

6.) Where ever and when ever possible. we must wisely and skillfully use the principles of the Appropriate Technology Movement in nuclear energy applications. This includes making new technologies affordable for all and equally available to all so as to not create or expand an unfair  "have" and "have not" separation in users choosing to avail themselves to the technology.

7.) We must base or use of these technologies on scientific facts that pass the strict falsification rigors of scientific methodology.

8.) Participation in and with new technologies must be by individual choice and option and must not be coerced or forced by governments or businesses to maintain the balance between individual and group rights and responsibilities.

9.) We must not use nuclear energy as a rationalization to continue to ignore own own species mistakes and not correct them. (Such as continuing to pollute the atmosphere with carbon causing climate de-stabilization and warming because nuclear energy lessens carbon pollution.) And,

10.)  We must align any new nuclear energy technologies to become a source of safe and positive contribution to the forwarding of the progressive evolution of the universe and toward the emancipation of our human evolutionary potentials.

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