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Declaration of a Global State of Emergency Due to Climate Destabilization Caused by Fossil Fuel Use Escalating Global Warming

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We the citizens of Earth are endowed with certain inalienable rights, powers and obligations. These rights, powers and obligations demand that we act both individually and in concert to protect and preserve the evolution of life on earth as well as the common well-being of current and future generations.

Based on our best current science, we the citizens of Earth recognize that our climate is warming rapidly and is destabilizing due to human-caused carbon pollution of our atmosphere due primarily to the burning of fossil fuels. If we do not stop this warming before irreversible climate tipping points are crossed, this destabilization of our climate will cause unimaginable suffering and devastation for current and future generations and possibly even cause the extinction or near extinction of human species.

We further recognize that this climate destabilization is ultimately the greatest single threat to the current national security of all nations. This is because as the climate further destabilizes (due to human caused carbon pollution of the atmosphere,) first millions, then ten and then hundreds of millions of people (possibly even billions,) will eventually have to migrate to new locations to survive and thrive as the climate destabilizes. We recognize that climate destabilization is a keystone security threat multiplier and amplifier that can also whip saw all of the following global threats into each other causing each individual threat to escalate and become more difficult to resolve. Those current global threats are:

growing economic inequity and instability,

over population,

food and resource depletion,

increasing droughts, floods and wildfires,

peak oil,

water pollution and water table loss,

desertification and deforestation,

ocean fish stock depletions,

war, pandemic,

poverty, and

political injustice and growing political instability.

In spite of 30 years of education and discussion about the potential of irreversible and extinction-level climate destabilization, we not only have failed to stop or slow the human-caused carbon pollution of the atmosphere --- it has now escalated to a new level and critical tipping point!

On the basis of the current climate destabilization tipping point crisis and our inalienable rights, powers and obligations as citizens of Earth, we do officially declare a planetary state of emergency regarding escalating climate destabilization. In and by this declaration, we pledge to act together as one humanity to address and solve this climate destabilization crisis because ---failure to do so is not an allowable option.

Therefore, in order to sustainably protect, preserve and forward the continued progressive evolution of humanity and life on Earth, we the citizens of Earth demand that the leaders of our nations immediately convene an emergency convention to execute the following actions:

1.) to enact enforceable international laws to stop the escalating human-caused carbon pollution of the atmosphere. (The goal of these laws would be to get human-caused carbon pollution at or below 350 carbon parts per million in the atmosphere.)

2.) to fund critical new climate tipping point research needed for the ongoing updates to creating effective and adaptive atmospheric carbon pollution reduction plans.

3.) to immediately expand industrial-scale, green energy generation to replace existing fossil fuels use and to create tens of millions of new jobs in a new third industrial revolution! (With escalating climate destabilization and the immense challenges of peak oil we cannot continue to use fossil fuels as we are now and reasonably hope to sustain and preserve life on the planet.)

4.) to fund the development of earth-scaled carbon pollution reduction technologies to scrub carbon and other destructive greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. (This is the last resort backup plan in case we cannot reduce the existing carbon in the atmosphere fast enough to keep from going off the climate cliff into irreversible climate destabilization.) And finally,

5.) to immediately begin setting aside 5% of each nation's gross domestic product (GDP,) to cover the increasing emergency recovery costs of climate destabilization related to carbon pollution of the atmosphere. (These emergency recovery costs world be for the super-storms, droughts, crop loss, soaring food costs, heat waves, wildfires, losses of infrastructure and the reoccurring coastal, river and lake flooding that will occur as climate destabilization continues to increase in frequency, scale and severity and, we continue to cross key tipping points of the climate's sub-systems.)

(For more information on steps 1-5 listed above and the steps to reverse climate destabilization go to UniverseSpirit.org and read the Job One for Humanity materials at http://universespirit.org/job-one-humanity-preventing-human-caused-irreversible-or-extinction-level-climate-destabilization )

In concert with all Planetary Citizens and those who call also themselves Evolutionaries or Universe Citizens this state of Planetary Emergency was public ally first declared on December 31, 2012 at the 4th annual Universe Day event in San Francisco, California in the USA.

(Please feel free to translate this declaration and pass this declaration on to anyone you feel who should be aware of it.)

For more information on the escalating climate destabilization challenge and what you can do to effectively help resolve it, see the Job One for Humanity program by clicking here.

For more information on the Annual event Universe Day each December 31st go to theuniverseday.org

(This Declaration was Updated Feb 10, 2014.)


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