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The Big Picture Meta-Perspectives of Universe Citizens and Planetary Evolutioneers

The following symbols with their corresponding copy represent a scientifically accurate "Big Picture" and meta-perspectives relating to our true location, value, and personal identities in the evolving Universe. These are the foundational universe perspectives and meta-perspectives found within the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and commonly held by informed Evolutioneers and advanced Universe Citizens, Evolutionaries, Planetary Citizens and Universe Community members, 

These science-derived, meta-perspectives and facts concerning the universe as a whole system helps us see our biggest challenges in the most accurate meta-framing possible and they counter both the extreme and inaccurate ideas of scientific materialism that this universe is a cold mostly dark universe and that the universe and ourselves are meaningless. Each of these perspectives is also associated with a symbol that also conveys the meaning of the perspective symbolically in terms of the universe. 

Symbol 5

The Oval with the 2 Curved Lines with a Dot only on the Left Side


"We live at more or less the midpoint in the life span of our planet.”

“Our planet was formed along with the sun and other planets about 4.5 billion years ago. It has about 6 billion more years to go before it is roasted when our sun swells into a giant red dwarf. We also live in the middle of the billion-year period during which the Earth is most hospitable to complex life. From the point of view of our species, whose recorded history is a mere 5,000 years, today is late enough to have evolved to our present abilities while early enough still to have a potential future so vast it beggars the imagination."

From, View from the Center of the Universe, by Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams, page 271-272.

Symbol 3

The Snake Eating its tail, the Cosmic Uroboros


"We live at the middle of all possible scales and sizes."

“We live in a place where the possibility of tremendous variety and complexity coming in small packages keeps life interesting. Life of our complexity could bloom under no other size scales of the cosmic order Uroboros.”

For more on the wonders of why our size scale in the universe is so important, see, View from the Center of the Universe, by Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams, Chapter 6 - What Size Is the Universe, the Cosmic Uroboros.


Symbol 6

The Pyramid that is mostly solid below in the White Space with a much Smaller Blue space on top and a Dot at the Top of the Pyramid


"We are physically made of the rarest material in the universe: stardust."

When you consider the percentage composition of all matter and energy in the universe we are truly rare and if rareness is important then we are important. When you look at the pyramid symbol imagine that the biggest white portion at the bottom of it represents all invisible matter and energy in the universe. It is specifically the 70 percent of the universe that's composed of dark energy, the 25 percent of the universe composed cold dark matter, and the 4 percent of the universe composed of all invisible atoms.

The blue section on top of the white section represents the visible parts of the universe specifically hydrogen and helium atoms which represent one-half of one percent of all matter and energy in the universe. When you get to the very top of the pyramid you see a small dot and that dot represents all other visible atoms from which we are composed. All of these other visible atoms compose only one-hundredth of a percent of all matter and energy in the universe. On the level of rarity creating value and importance, we as humans are truly made of the rarest matter and energy in the universe.


Symbol 2

The 2 Cones on Top of Each other with a Vertical line Going Through Them and an Open Dot at its Center


"We live at the midpoint of universe time.”

“From astronomical observation and perspective, this is also a peak time in the entire evolution of the universe. Most nearby galaxies are middle-aged, past their violent youths but not yet senescent and finished with star formation. The most distant galaxies – – – which we have just acquired the technological ability to see – – – are beginning to disappear over the cosmic horizon now that the one slowing the expansion of the universe has begun instead to accelerate. The universe as we are observing today will truly become mythic, since it will become the lost Golden age – – – a fabulously rich sky that, our distant descendants will know, actually existed but never be seen again."

From, View from the Center of the Universe, by Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams, page 271.


Symbol 1

The Small Solid Circle within 3 Larger Circles  


"We live at the center of our own cosmic spheres of time."

We are the dot at the center. The nested circles around the dot represent greater and greater Universe time frames. The main meaning and importance of this symbol is the psychological (not physical,) centrality of each of us (as well as humanity,) in relation to the vast spans of time in the universe.

This symbol of our time centrality gives us both as individuals and humanity a rational and real psychological importance in the universe. There are detailed scientific reasons for why this is true. If you'd like to know all of them we recommend that you read Chapter 5 - What Is the Center of the Universe: The Cosmic Spheres of Time, in the new book, View from the Center of the Universe, by Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams. This chapter also contains more details on each sphere and the various time-expanding universe time perspectives they symbolize.


Symbol 4

The Four Wavy Lines with a Circle and Dot Within the Circle


"We live in the universe that may be a rare bubble of space-time in the infinite, seething cauldron of the eternal meta-universe.”

“Outside our absolutely unique and isolated bubble, which we call the Big Bang, there is neither space nor time, as we know it. But here inside, there is time for evolution and history and there is space across which connections can form and structures can develop. We are not geographically central in and in eternal inflation but we are very special."

For more on the wonders of eternal inflation and the meta-universe of universes, see View from the Center of the Universe by Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams, Chapter 7- Where Do We Come from: the Cosmic Las Vegas.


Symbol 7

A Graph with a Curved line and a Dot at its Top


"We live in an evolutionary turning point for species from the point of view of the generations alive at this moment…

It is late enough that we are sobering up to the scale of our problems, but not so late that we have lost all chance to solve them. This is a special time that will never come again."

From, View from the Center of the Universe, by Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams, page 272. See also Chapter 9: Think Cosmically, Act Globally.

"Evolutionaries who also act as Planetary and Universe Citizens are magnificently skillful at holding the big-picture, long-term perspective --- our 13.7 billion years of successful universe evolution --- while they solve the smaller scale and smaller time frame challenges." Lawrence Wollersheim

We can act to solve the problems we are facing as a planet and as the human species. The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview, universe consciousness, and the new Universe Principles of Sustainability will help us do it!

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The starburst logo used on our website mastheads also contains many of the perspectives and ideas of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview that is held by Universe Evolutionaries and Planetary and Universe Citizens to see those perspectives and ideas, click here.

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(Please Note 1: The terms Universe Citizen or Universe Citizenship includes the most life-affirming and progressive evolution aligned principles of other movements such as; Cosmopolitanism, Global citizenship, Postnationalism, Planetary Citizenship, Transnationalism, World Federalists, World  government, World citizenship, and Earth citizenship while still transcending them with a far larger universe-based scale as well as many other new ideas and principles.)

(Please Note 2: In order to be the most effective evolutionary and planetary citizen that you can be, one also really needs to be a Universe Citizen. With the universe-scaled evolutionary perspective and universe-scaled wisdom of a Universe Citizen problems that seem unsolvable to an individual holding just the perspective and wisdom of planetary citizens get solved.)