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All About the New Sci Fi Movie Transcendence with Johnny Depp and Its Great Dramatization of both Positive and Negative Evolutionary Transhumanism Issues

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Submitted by Lawrence on

I strongly recommend that you see the new SciFi movie with Johnny Depp called Transcendence. It does a powerful job of dramatizing some of the key positive and negative issues of Evolutionary Transhuminism. It also brings to the public's attention the ideas of a post human future worth lots of intense dialog.

Our organization promotes Evolutionary Transhumanism with a long list of safeguards. If you are new to the issues of Evolutionary Transhumanism brought to light in the new movie Transcendence, we highly recommend the following additional reading to bring you up to speed:

1.) Evolutionary Transhumanism

2.) The Safeguards for New Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI).

3.) Get this new book, Human Purpose and Transhuman Potential: A Cosmic View for our Future Evolution by Ted Chu, PhD.  We see this new book as a motivating and inspirational overview of what it means to embrace the best of evolutionary transhumanism and be a responsible universe citizen. The author also presents the "next generation" specifics on what the "new" concept of conscious or intentional evolution (Consciousness 2.0,) in alignment with evolutionary science looks like.  The author's vision on the future of technological evolution, transhumanism and humanity's role in transhumanism is well grounded in both history and science and it will stretch the vision of the biggest evolutionists, Evolutioneers, evolutionary thinkers and universe citizens. This book is so good that we now recommend that every new member reads this book with the above linked safeguard qualifications as part of their intermediate level education on what evolutionary transhumanism is as well as what it takes to be an Evolutioneer and universe citizen forwarding evolution on Earth and then out into the stars and universe.)

4.) Check out Evolution 2.0 which would allow for Artificial Intelligence to emerge naturally, but with safeguards.

5. Click here to see a traditional LA Times review of the new movie Transcendence.


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