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The Home of Evolutioneers

About the Universe Spirit Organization that Creates This Website

Universe Spirit is a nonprofit organization committed to forwarding the progressive evolution of humanity, civilization and all life on Earth and in the universe.

We do this by mainly forwarding a new, science-derived worldview. It is called the Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

From this new universe-scaled, evolutionary worldview are directly derived the following important new perspectives, tools and breakthroughs in knowledge for the betterment of our planet:

1.) The Universe Principles of Sustainability,

2.) The new ideas and procedures of Sustainable Prosperity,

3.) The vital new social activism plan for dealing with the most critical global challenge called Job One for Humanity,

4.) The new ideas and procedures for creating Universe Communities for living and teaching sustainable lifestyles and livelihoods 

And, if you are of a spiritual nature:

5.) The new ideas and procedures of the trans-denominational and omni-denominational meta-spirituality and meta-religion called Evolution Spirituality

Although the Universe Evolutionary Worldview is not responsible for it the two newer types of thinking breakthroughs (beyond post Enlightenment Era scientific methodology) utilized in our movement are systems thinking and meta-systemic dialectical thinking.

About the Universe Spirit Name and Our Organizational Legal Structure

Universe Spirit is a DBA (doing business as name,) of Integrative Spirituality Inc. In 2007 the legal predecessor organization that owns the Universe Spirit DBA name (Integrative Spirituality,) was wholly transferred to a Colorado 5013(c) non-profit organization called Factnet. As such Universe Spirit now is a part of Factnet as one of its DBA's and is also itself a non-profit 501c3 organization that can receive donations.

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