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What the Universe Principles of Right Attitude and Right Action Will do for Your Life! (Easy)

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When you apply the universe’s 13.7 billion-year-old science and time-proven meta-principles for sustainably evolving and thriving life in the universe as found within the action and attitude guiding Universe Principles these meta-principles:

  1. will show you how to align with and "surf" the unstoppable and ever-flowing "empowered wave" of evolution itself. That wave is the manifesting directionality of the universe’s natural progressive evolution. 
  2. will provide a new, evolutionary time-proven, practical, and step-by-step principle-aligned map and tool for managing your daily life challenges,
  3. will help you realize your big, long-term personal goals in dramatically more effective, sustainable, and meaningful ways,
  4. will provide a new, evolutionary time-proven, practical and step-by-step principle-aligned map and tool for collectively managing our many potentially life-ending planetary challenges.
  5. will convey to your life and teams the ultimate "big story” and universe-scale perspective along with the colossal problem-solving and quality-of-life improving advantages that comes from knowing the wisdom and tools from the biggest possible of all perspectives, And,
  6. On a planetary level the Universe Principles provide the most practical global tools and steps to realizing the benefits implied within the following quote:

“The planetary consciousness which has created our current planetary problems is not the consciousness that will solve them. To effectively resolve our most serious planetary challenges (like human-caused catastrophic climate destabilization,) it will require the new and larger universe evolutionary consciousness and its emerging  Universe Evolutionary Worldview.”  Lawrence Wollersheim

Click here to begin a five-minute a-day test and experiment on what the Universe Principles can do for your life. This experiment contains the short form of the Universe Principles.

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