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Your Best Exploration Choices for the Universe Spirit Website

The items below are our recommendations for self-directed exploration of our web site. (If you have been re-directed to this exploration tips page after reviewing one of the options below, select the next most interesting item not yet explored.)

First Time Visitors:

To explore the progressive directionality of evolution, the Universe Evolutionary Principles of Sustainability as well as the new "biggest possible picture" perspectives of the Universe Evolutionary Worldviewclick here.  (Easiest for science-inclined individuals.)

To learn about the great adventure of the Job One for Humanity Climate Restabilization Plan, click here.


Returning Visitors: Chose one of these options:

To overview the Great News for practical daily living success as well as the spiritual hope that we offer, click here. (An easy read for anyone of either a secular or spiritual nature.)

To sense what Sustainable Prosperity could mean for you and our shared future, click here.

To learn more about the open source personalizable spirituality and new religion based on evolution found in a separate section of this website, click here.  (Easiest for the spiritually inclined.)

To learn more about the open source new meta-religion based on science and the facts of evolution (found in a separate section of this website,) click here.  (Advanced for the spiritually inclined.)

To find out about the new eco-spirituality that is an essential part of the new form of personalized spirituality found on this website, click here.

To better release your full potentials, better achieve your goals, improve your relationships and improve your prosperity in sustainable ways --- start one of our online Universe College courses! To check out the Universe College course list, click here. (Easy for anyone.)

To discover everything else about Universe Spirit click here and go to our FAQ Once there then select the appropriate FAQ question area that interests you most! (Every question is answered that you could every imagine asking about our mission or us.)

To stay updated --- subscribe here to our free newsletter. You will receive the latest articles, discounts, on and off line event notifications and --- get a free copy of the Discovering your True Goals E-book.

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