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Sustainability, Spirit & Community

What is Universe Spirit? Part 3

Universe Spirit is a social profit (non-profit) spiritual organization first incorporated in December of 2002. It is a distinct non-denominational organization that is not affiliated or associated with any other religion or spiritual denomination.

Because of its non-denominational nature, individuals of any spiritual path or religion may use the tools and information provided by our organization for spiritual enhancement.

Our spiritual support is intended to

  • harmonize with and expand and
  • not replace any individual's current spiritual path or religious affiliation.

We strive to collect and systemize the best knowledge from every religion, culture, era and hard and social science about wisely, directly and safely experiencing and connecting to the Ultimate Reality. This knowledge is in the process of being logically arranged for each level of developmental consciousness, personality type and personal learning style, maximizing its usefulness and optimizing learning ease and speed.

Through accumulating humanity’s transcultural, spiritual wisdom, we believe that individuals can significantly expand their direct spiritual experience of Ultimate Reality and that this wisdom derived from all of humankind's spiritual heritage will produce an optimized way to achieve healthy and balanced spiritual growth and personal transformation.

Our spiritual materials and processes strive to integrate the unbroken lineage of humankind's most successful spiritual efforts to understand, commune with and directly experience --- Ultimate Reality of All Reality.

We believe that it is through the individual's direct spiritual experience of Ultimate Reality that they discover their fullest, truest and highest selves. In this way they are transformed in the deepest, most lasting and most powerful ways.

This transformation results in the best possible relations to other selves, to other living systems and all to other life forms in the world.

Universe Spirit's initial approach to creating a better world is one person at a time --- a world transformation by way of a personal transformation caused by the expanded direct spiritual experience of the individual.

From this direct spiritual experience the transformation suffuses the individual with increasing amounts and understanding of the guiding radiance, nature, ideals and purposes of Ultimate Reality.

Individuals so transformed cannot help but become more wise and intuitive, compassionately powerful, responsible, and beautiful. As they have been transformed, they naturally transform society and the world to more closely reflect what they themselves have directly experienced. Click Here to read the last part about what we are and what we do....

- What's Next?

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