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What is the Highest Objective Purpose of Life and an Evolution Spirituality Practitioner's Greatest Commitment

Knowing your purpose in life is fundamentally essential to ordering your life with meaning and being happy and successful.  To objectively understand your own basic life purpose as well as humanity's basic purpose it is logical and necessary to understand the pre-existing and larger evolutionary purposes of evolving life within the Cosmos (the universe.)

This is because the evolution of your life and the evolution of humanity is completely embedded within the pre-existing purposes and directionality of the universe's evolution. Knowing the pre-existing purposes for the evolution of life in the universe is also important because these purposes have been time-tested and have proven themselves to be optimally successful for sustaining and thriving life in all its forms over billions of years of universe evolution and conditions.

Based upon this science-grounded premise, the most logical, objective, and basic life purposes for the individual and humanity are to:

a.) "first align one's own goals, purposes, and actions to the pre-existing directionality of the universe's over-controlling progressive evolution of life, and then

b.) becoming an active partner with evolution in intentionally forwarding the progressive evolution of life and humanity and, humanity's generational children both here on Earth and eventually out into the stars."

Within the above two core meta-purposes are contained all of the worthwhile, meaningful, and life-affirming purposes from every important area of life such as politics, economics, society, religion etc. These greater evolutionary purposes for life does not negate your personal goals and passions for happiness and the comforts of life.

Evolution's purposes above only ask you to elevate those self-chosen goals and passions by aligning them with the pre-existing and dominant progressive evolution directionality of life as a whole. This action will then ensure that you will be more effective and sustainably over a longer period of time. (You will understand this better and why it is true after reading about what progressive evolution means.)

The core life purposes statement above is an optimal statement of basic life purpose because:

a.) we are completely embedded within and carried along by the far larger and vastly more powerful forces of the massive physical universe and the universe's evolutionary processes. The evolutionary processes of the universe ultimately control the directional flow of our own evolution as well as our species' evolution. 

b.) all of the "best success practices" of politics, economics, society, religion etc., ultimately came from, are contained within, and/or are controlled directly or indirectly by the core action patterns, intrinsic values, and directionality of the universe's progressive evolutionary processes.

If we do not understand, align with and contribute to the meta-dominant flow of the universe's over-controlling evolutionary processes and directionality, how can we ever expect our lives to go well, be sustainable or, be free from unnecessary or avoidable pain and suffering? If we do not align with the pre-existing flow of the progressive evolution of the universe, we will be forever swimming upstream and against an ever-dominant and eventually overwhelming evolutionary current that sooner or later will always wear us down and stop us from continuing in our self-chosen but non-evolutionarily aligned purposes, goals, and directions.

The new evolutionary life purpose statement for both individual and humanity's success flies in the face of decades of "expert" individual life purpose-finding advice that one must "first find their own highest purposes and goals and then achieve these personal self-chosen purposes and goals as your life's first priority!" Yes, there certainly is a relevant and important place for pursuing one's self-related purposes and goals, but only after you have first understood the meta-dominant directionality of the universe's evolutionary processes and then only after you have wisely aligned your personal purposes and goals with them. This is done simply by placing your self-chosen personal purposes and goals appropriately within the far greater controlling context, directionality, and importance of the universe's pre-existing and unstoppable evolutionary directionality and then aligning your purposes and goals with that directionality.

After reading more about the core directionality, actions, and value interests of progressive evolution take some time to think deeply about the basic life purpose stated above and then ask yourself if your current self-chosen life goals and purposes align with the meta life purposes above. If they don't, you have a unique opportunity to realign your existing life goals and purposes with the above meta purposes and in the bargain, greatly enhance the ease and success of your attaining your existing self-chosen purposes and goals!  

Most importantly, if you do see the wisdom of aligning your life with the unstoppable power flow of the progressive evolution of the universe then make the following commitment right now. If you do you will begin to experience almost immediately a new wonder, beauty, adventure, and vastly improved and sustainable --- evolutionary fitness, adaptability, cooperativeness and an improved control of your environment.

Before you make the Evolutioneer's commitment (below,) really take the time to learn about why making this meta-committment is truly a valid and wise decision. Think deeply about it before you make it.

This is a decision and commitment that will with your appropriate commitment-filling actions, set you on an adventure and journey that you will never regret. Do not make the commitment below before you are ready. It is too important to your and our futures!

"If you really want to evolve your life and the world for the better, evolve your decisions and commitments! Then the  necessary actions that you need to take will become much easier. " Lawrence Wollersheim

Evolution Spirituality Practitioners Commitment:

a.) I commit myself to aligning (or re-aligning,) my own goals, purposes, and actions to the pre-existing directionality of the universe's over-controlling progressive evolution of life. And,

b.) I commit myself to be an active partner with evolution in intentionally forwarding the progressive evolution of life and humanity and, humanity's generational children both here on Earth and eventually out into the stars.

(When you do make this commitment email us at manage@universespirit.org so we can add your name to the Evolutioneer's honor roll.)

"The evolutionary process itself now appears to have reached the unique developmental state where it "wants to" intentionally and awarely influence its own evolution. And humanity appears to be evolution's current most favored medium for this intentional improvement to its own evolutionary processes. This then creates the two greatest questions of the 21st Century for the individual or humanity as a whole. Will we intentionally align ourselves with the purposes goals and directionality of progressive evolution and intentionally influence our own personal evolution? And, will we consciously partner with progressive evolution in co-creating a new level of wise and healthy evolutionary influence over the future of our planet and eventually even the future of our universe?" Lawrence Wollersheim

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