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The Home of Evolutioneers

What is an Evolutioneer? Why are They Critical to a Better Future at Every Level of Life?

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Submitted by Lawrence on

An Evolutioneer is a new kind of 21st century pioneer and evolutionary engineer/designer. They are convinced of both the scientific validity of evolution and of the usefulness of evolution's core principles in life. 

An Evolutioneer's daily actions and activism is guided by the principles of current, universe-scaled evolution science. Their activist mission is to use evolution science to:

a.) more effectively solve today's greatest challenges and,

b.) to intentionally co-create a better future for generations to come.

This is in part because Evolutioneers have learned that evolution is:

a.) "science's greatest discovery," 

b.) the best documented "theory of everything" that currently exists and,

c.) the most trial-and-error tested and eons-of-time proven, successful system that has ever existed!

They also know through both personal study and experience that applying evolution's principles to daily life is critical and essential for short and long term success at all levels of existence!

For all the information on what an Evolutioneer is and does, click here.

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