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Volunteers Wanted: Help Co-create Our Universe Community

The Universe Community and the Evolution Spirituality movement is growing quickly. Additional volunteers who are willing to work about 2 hours a week (8-10 hours a month) are needed to help serve in the great adventure of co-creating this movement. Your spiritual and worldly wisdom and experience is needed to help forward the emergence of Universe Spirit and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. And, it is easy to get started.

Just look over the volunteer positions listed below and email us which one(s) you're interested in. Email to manage@universespirit.org with the word 'volunteer' in the subject line. Let us know if you have any background that will particularly be helpful for that position.

Volunteers needed immediately are:

Audio Video persons: To help in the ongoing creation of Our Online Universe College courses.

Graphic Designers: To help in the creative refinement of our website imagery and in the creation of artistic brochures and other print media that reflect an emerging new form of spirituality and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

In SF Bay area:

Fundraising person
Public Relations
Event Volunteers
Web masters

Moodle Software administrators

Content co-creators, collectors and readers: With a focus toward the spiritual, gather and get permission to post and publish on the web site all types of  Universe Evolutionary Worldview and Universe Spirit articles and editorials, events on our web, quotes for our new quote of the day,  book reviews for the site and art works from the emerging Universe Evolutionary Worldview and Universe Spirit artist community.


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