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Sustainability, Spirit & Community

Universe Spirit: An Open Source, Integral and Evolutionary Meta Spirituality for Our Times


Who We are and What We Do 


Our non-profit organization (Integrative Spirituality,) has birthed over the last several years an integral and evolutionary new form of spirituality called evolution spirituality, (US). evolution spirituality provides a unified understanding of life and spirit and how to create a sustainable prosperity for all. In part, evolution spirituality has emerged into being because of the many new and transformative whole universe system perspectives contained within the New Universe Worldview.

What is Universe Spirit's Core Mission? 

Through art, beauty and with delight, we seek to:

1.) create joyous, loving and supportive community where you can comfortably be who you are right now, while discovering more about how to create a more sustainable prosperity on all personal, social and spiritual levels of life.


2.) provide practical and effective day-to-day practices and ethical principles to help empower you to better achieve your goals through better alignment with:

a.) the most life-affirming spiritual wisdom from humanity's heritages of spiritual wisdom, and 


b.) the unstoppable flow of the progressive directionality of universe evolution as currently expressed within the New Universe Worldview

3.) educate about the New Universe Worldview. The New Universe Worldview contains the best of humanity's heritage of life-affirming spiritual wisdom integrated with the today's multi-disciplinary sciences to provide reality-congruent and reality-grounded answers to life's most critical questions, such as, what is the ultimate origin, nature and destiny of the universe (and the individuals in it,) what is our ultimate individual and collective meaning and purpose, what is Ultimate Reality and what is our ultimate individual and collective identity in a progressively evolving universe


4.) help foster the Unissance social network and evolve communities dedicated to a sustainable prosperity for all as well as being effective examples the values and principles of the New Universe Worldview in action.


5.) expand our online Universe College for educating through new art, meanings, symbols, metaphors and science-grounded facts that successfully convey the New Universe Worldview and the new spiritual wisdom being born within evolution spirituality.

More About What We Do and Where We are Going 

First, we help you to learn about and to draw out your own fullest potentials, truth, and highest self-reflective awareness (consciousness, spirit,) to serve your vital goals and needs, your community, the world and Ultimate Reality however you define it.

Secondly, through this learning and serving process we are actively co-creating both a science-rational, progressive evolutionary community and a new culture and civilization. It is a community and culture where scientific probabilities integrated with healthy personal spirituality and the life-affirming wisdom from humanity's spiritual heritage will support humanity's collective efforts to create a meaningful and sustainable prosperity for all.


Can Science and Spirituality Really be Integrated? 

Over the ages, in one form or another, the following spiritual truth-testing and validity principle for determining authentic spiritual truth or wise religious belief has been repeatedly made by the founders, mystics and leading theologians (like Tomas Aquinas,) of most major religious denominations. 

“No encompassing “ working truth” or whole view truth probability of science can ever really be in conflict with the spiritual laws, truths or beliefs about Ultimate Reality that interconnects, unites and includes all things. If there is a real conflict, then it is the perceived partial view of the spiritual laws, beliefs and truths that are wrong." 

The Three Great Adventures of Life 

Universe Spirit explores our Three Great Spiritual Adventures into life and with Ultimate Reality discoverable in a living, evolving and learning universe! These Three Great Spiritual Adventures are the epic self-discovery and life-empowerment adventures of today’s new heroes and heroines. They are the life and spirit adventures, which will release your greatest potentials and consciousness to serve:

a.) your most worthwhile and life-affirming goals and aspirations, 

b.) the Earth and all it's life,

c.) the amazing unstoppable power-flow of the progressive directionality of the universe's evolution and,

d.) the great mystery of Ultimate Reality that interconnects all things.

These Three Great Spiritual Adventures help create the global Great Universe Alignment already going on within the rapidly emerging Unissance movement. In this complex, fragmented and rapidly changing 21st century, it is our view that now --- more than at any other time in history, the world needs a balanced, uniting and science-grounded new form of personalized spirituality that is also aligned with the progressive directional flow of physical evolution in the universe! This New Universe Worldview informed personalized spirituality can help each individual reach their fullest potential, their most life-affirming goals and support them in becoming an empowered resource doing their part in helping to resolve the current global challenges that we all face.

Quick Summary

If you thought about Universe Spirit as a New Universe Worldview aligned, science and spirituality integrated forerunner for what non-denominational and omni-denominational progressive spiritual organizations will eventually evolve into in the future, you would have a good starting idea about what and who we are and where we are going. Paradoxically, it was not really even possible for Universe Spirit to come into being before the most recent scientific discoveries in cosmology and progressive evolution had occurred as well as the vast cross-pollenization, integration and unification of all of humanity's heritage of spiritual wisdom and science was occurring over the Internet. 

For more details about what Universe Spirit is and how it enacts its goals, click here.

Click here, for your next personalized best exploration step to find out...

What types of individuals this new science and evolution spirituality integrated organization is designed for and, what would be your best next exploration step based upon your greatest current interests and unique personal background? 

Who is Universe Spirit Designed for and What is the Best Next Exploration Step for Your Interests and Background?

This highly personalized spirituality is for anyone who senses Ultimate Reality/the Essence or Spirit of life and/or senses that a better world is possible. This new trans-denominational, science and philosophy friendly meta-spirituality is particularly suitable for those who:

1.) define themselves as spiritual, but not necessarily religious, or, are religious, but think beyond the borders of just their own faith or, may have had no previous spiritual or religious background, (If you fit into any of the above categories, we recommend that you also explore the latest information on the new personal spirituality movement by clicking here.)

2.) may already be part of today’s Eco-spirituality, Evolutionary spirituality, Women's spirituality, sustainability, or environmental movements,  If you are part of one of these movements, we recommend that you start your exploration of our organization with the Evolutionary Spirituality article and the Evolutionary Spirituality online courses.

3.) may already be part of today’s Integral spirituality movements, (If you are a member of the Integral Movement, we recommend you continue your exploration by viewing a special welcome for members of the integral movement by clicking here.)

4.) may already be part of the cultural creative, Lohas movements or some other progressive spiritual movement, (If you are part of one of these movements, we recommend that you also explore the latest information on the new personal spirituality movement by clicking here for part one of the P2P article and here for part 2 of the P2P articles.)

5.) may already be part of the Participatory spirituality movement (P2P,) If you are part of the Participatory spirituality movement, we recommend that you start your next step of exploration by clicking here for part one of the articles on P2P and here for part two.)

6.) may have been previously abused or disappointed by some other past spiritual or religious system, organization or cult and are once again open to a sensitively designed safe new process, community and an evolutionary new way of seeing  spirituality, science and life. (If you fall into this category, we strongly recommend that your next step of exploration is our spiritual safeguards materials so that you will see how proactively aware our organizations is of dealing with this unfortunate part of today's spirituality and religion. Click here to get to the spiritual safeguards section.)

7.) may be an agnostic, atheist or humanist, (If you fall into one of these categories the more science friendly exploring visitor, we recommend that you start your exploration of our organization with the Evolutionary Spirituality article and the Evolutionary Spirituality 101 online course.)

Heard Enough?  

Then click this What's Next link to begin immediately exploring more of this revolution in expanding authentic spiritual living and personal growth or, if you need to know more keep reading the rest of this page. 

If you would like to learn more about the following specific things such as, more details and depth concerning what we are and do, what this new meta-spirituality means to your current spiritual practices and personal life and, what are the main benefits to exploring and using this site, click here. If you are the kind of person who needs detailed information about how and why something works (or if you are one of our online students,) this next part two or our welcome for new visitors will deepen your understanding of this revolutionary emergence in spirituality and religion.  

The Staff and Directors of Universe Spirit welcome you as a fellow journeyer to our support hub. For a 30 second personal audio welcome to our website, click here. 

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