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Universe College: How to Get Started at Our Open Access Online College for Evolutioneers and Universe Citizens

(Special Notice of 2.23.2023: We are currently redoing the courses and working to find a new online learning software system to better meet the many upgrades in our mission and educational materials that were first implemented in January of 2021 and to deal with the usage surge from remote learners due to the Covid 19 surge.

These are major upgrades that may take us until late 2023 or early 2024 to complete. We apologize for this delay in accessing our older and new online courses. Feel free to review the following pages while we work on getting our new systems operational.

To be sure you are notified when the Universe College courses go back online, please click the Subscribe link at the top of the page to receive our updates.)

Getting Started at Universe College Online

The Universe College is an "Open Access" learning environment designed to maximize your learning potential and help you create sustainable livelihoods and lifestyles and a better world. The college's courses are informed by the Universe Evolutionary Worldview, which is based on the most current evolution science.

Open access simply means that you donate whatever you think the course is worth after you after done with it. We've found that the open access and open-source model allows us to offer most of our classes in an open-access format, leaving you free to decide how (and to what degree) to contribute in return to the Universe College, according to the value you have found in what you've learned. Whether that's by volunteering, donating, tutoring, or sharing the information with others by teaching is totally up to you. Based on evolutionary science, we believe that applying the principle of fair exchange of value in an “open access” manner will help us maintain a high level of integrity in each class that we offer and ultimately empower you while maintaining the sustainability of Universe College for future students.

Don't forget to check back often! We're always expanding our classes, and we're laboriously collaborating with partners and volunteers to open up more of our courses. We also love feedback! If there's anything you'd like to share with us about how we can improve your user experience, please let us know! You can email us at manage@universecollege.org

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