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Sustainability, Spirit & Community

The Universe Spirit Purposes

To collect and make available humankind’s spiritual wisdom in a free, multi-language online Global Spiritual Commons to help you:

1.) expand your personal spirituality through transformative, direct spiritual experience of the Ultimate Reality, which as a result

2.) maximizes your spiritual growth, which causes one to

3.) make better decisions and act more effectively to resolve personal and societal challenges.

4.) to realize the three purposes above through a collaboration to co-create a post-postmodern new type of omni-denominational, spiritual organization and self organizing network that is evolutionary, global and open to all life affirming sources of spiritual wisdom, teaching and leadership.

5.) to be a spiritual organization facilitating:

a. the integration of life affirming male and female spirituality,

b. the integration of the values and wisdom of spirituality with the rationality and fact of science,

c. the integration of the life affirming spiritual wisdom from earlier eras (pre-modern, traditional, modern and postmodern with the spiritual wisdom of the post-postmodern integral era of the present.

d. the re-integration of art back into its connecting and vital role with spirituality and religion.

e. the integration of western and eastern spirituality, (Eastern spirituality often characterizes the Infinite in the impersonal absolutes of Buddhahood, consciousness or the unifying Chi creative life force in Nature. Western spirituality often characterizes the Infinite in the personal absolutes of God, Allah, Jehovah, the Trinity, the Universal One, or, one of many other both personal sacred names given to the creator and origin of all reality. At Universe Spirit we embrace and integrate both the personal and impersonal absolutes of Ultimate Reality into and as one. We believe they both are a dual non-dual paradoxical and mystical unity reflecting unique yet completely unified absolutes within the Infinite. We call this distinct, absolute personal and impersonal unified state or quality of the Infinite by either of the sacred names Godha or Bod. (Godha is the name most comfortably used by individuals coming primarily from western spiritual traditions and Bod being the name most comfortably used by individuals coming primarily from eastern spiritual traditions.)

f. the collection and dissemination of the universal common denominators of spirituality (the critical core essences of all religions) that will unite us in our deepest spiritual intentions and in our shared spiritual Origin and, yet still appreciate and respect our many denominational diversities.

g. being a place of inclusion and transcendence. This refers to including all of the best of civilization’s spiritual values, scientific discoveries and cultural development while still seeking to transcend this to date best inclusion as well as transcending those things from our spiritual, scientific and cultural heritage that no longer serve the overall health of all of the evolving spiral of life. (Include and Transcend is one of our most often used slogans.)

h. co-creation and expansion of the Global Spiritual Commons in part by supporting Open Source Spirituality.

i. the use of the spiritual wisdom of the expanding Global Spiritual Commons to help better define what the ever deepening and ever widening experiences and values of Ultimate Reality would look like at each specific consciousness/meme perspective within every perspective, wave and stage of consciousness development so that individuals can clearly see a non-conflicting natural evolutional progression for them in the expansion and maturing of their faith. This is important because so much of the religious conflict or culture wars in the world today is due to many individuals at one perspective, wave or stage of consciousness development feeling there is no clear and appropriate evolutionary transition for their sincere faith and spiritual experiences to the next perspective, wave or stage of consciousness development.

j. the finding or building of new spiritual myths and metaphors like the New Genesis story that will transcend the egocentric and ethnocentric spiritual and religious myths and metaphors of the past toward the creation of spiritual worldcentric, inclusive myths and metaphors that will universally serve all and reduce religious conflicts.

k. the integration of both the Transcendent and the Immanent concepts of God and/or Buddha found separately within different religions so that the integration reflects more fully the ultimate oneness quality of Ultimate Reality.

l. the use of the best concepts and tools from the new and emerging integral worldview, the Spiral Consciousness movement, the Evolutionary Spirituality movement as well as any other system or movement that can help us ethically and successfully achieve the above goals.

m. The support of the process of making widely known an emerging "new" state or quality of God, Buddha or both (depending on your current spiritual perspective,) that is concerned exclusively with the evolutionary progress and success of mankind as a group and whole. This group God/Buddha of evolution is a supreme evolutionary God/Buddha state dedicated to wellbeing of mankind as a collective that is also an active co-creative partner to mankind in the evolutionary process through each individual. At this time in history, in spiritual individuals all over the planet, this unique group God or group Buddha state is emerging into our spiritual consciousness’s in direct response to the serious global challenges mankind as a collective now faces. This "new" emerging state of Group God/Buddha is just another part of the long historic process of ever new states of God/Buddha coming into the consciousness of increasing numbers of spiritual individuals as is appropriate to meet the critical needs and circumstances of their times and eras. Until now, almost all of these emerging new states or qualities of God/Buddha were directly or mostly related to the spiritual needs and wellbeing of the individual. This is likely the first time in history that large numbers of spiritual individuals have ever been aware of this emerging God/Buddha state --- a state dedicated exclusively to the critical needs and spiritual wellbeing of mankind as a collective and whole.

n. The presentation and tailoring of the delivery of humanity’s collected spiritual wisdom in such a way that individuals of any:

  1. personality type,
  2. learning style,
  3. culture,
  4. psychological or cognitive development perspective, or
  5. consciousness meme level within any perspective, wave and stage of consciousness development

can easily access and successfully use this spiritual wisdom to further expand their understanding, their transformative, direct spiritual experiences of the Ultimate Reality and their growth towards spiritual completeness.

To learn more about the great news and personal benefits that this new spiritual movement can mean to you, click here!

Universe Spirit was formed because it was believed that a new type of spirituality and omni-denominational spiritual organization created in the post-postmodern age with post-postmodern technologies and information could do most of the above spiritual activities in new and better ways. This would result in more spiritual and social benefit for both the individual and the world. It was also believed that the older forms of pre-global tribal, ethnic, or nationalistic religions created with pre-modern, traditional and even modern thinking and technologies were inherently either too incomplete or incompatible for effective and efficient problem solving use in these global, post-postmodern times.

The pre-global religions also inadvertently and unintentionally help to cause many of our global religious or social problems (such as religious intolerance.) If a whole new type of post-postmodern, integrative spirituality honoring both the highest Essence of all religions and the rationality of our current post-postmodern science would come into being, many of the current religious and social problems would increasingly cease to exist.

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