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The Home of Evolutioneers

The Universe Principles of Life

The Universe Principles of Life are based on the lessons we learned when we scientifically look at the deep reoccurring patterns of the evolution of the universe over the last 13.7 billion years. The Universe Principles are invaluable scientific tools that, when applied to your life on a regular basis, will bring you into a better alignment with the unstoppable power flow of progressive evolution in the Universe.

As you come to learn these principles and identify yourself as a vital partner in the evolutionary process (what we call being a Universe Evolutionary or Universe Citizen,) you will broaden your perspective exponentially by understanding the full story of the unfolding of life in the universe. You will also begin to operate with a new set of more universal values (and ethics,) allowing you to work with others in far more effective ways to build groups that thrive sustainably! The Universe Principles of life found on this website will become your new road map to sustainable success in today’s rapidly changing and challenging times.

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