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The New Environmentalism, A New Progressive Evolution and Eco-Spirituality Driven Definition

The definition of environmentalism is evolving due to the concepts and influence of eco-spirituality. Eco-spirituality is also know as Evolution Spirituality. Eco-spirituality is a non-violent spirituality and spiritual activism informed by the principles of progressive evolution and the New Universe Worldview.

Eco-spirituality is a major promoter of the concepts of creating sustainable prosperity.  A sustainable prosperity is defined as a prosperity that would allow for ALL of humanity to create for itself and appropriately attain:

1.) an initial satisfaction of its basic physiological survival and safety needs then,


2.) eventually all of the other needs found on the Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy, in which


3.) points one and two above can only be attained in sustainable manner --- a way that simultaneously also balances and integrates the appropriate sustainability: 

a.) needs of other living species,

b.) of the integrity of our planetary biological support systems (clean air water etc.) and,

c.) that is also in alignment with the progressive directionality of evolution within the universe as a whole.

Sustainable prosperity creates a far greater sense of satisfaction and well being in the lives of those who practice it simply because it satisfies more of the human needs listed on the Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy. Research has shown that life satisfaction is near highest in individuals when basic physiological survival and safety needs are met and then life satisfaction goes a bit higher on a bell curve graph when just a few luxuries are added, but then begins to level off and even starts dropping when over consumption occurs with luxuries and other material needs.

One of the greatest beauties of sustainable prosperity is that it will help us create a lasting and meaningful civilization for all. (Here by lasting we are defining “lasting” in universe time frames where 10 million human generations is hardly even a blink in universe time.)

How do You Create a Sustainable Prosperity?

There are many physical actions you can take to live more sustainably:

1.) Align actions with the progressive directionality of evolution: Probably the single most important way to create sustainable prosperity is to align one's life, actions and goals (or one's organization,) with the progressive directionality of evolution within the universe. To successfully align one's actions (or one's organization's actions,) with the unstoppable directionalized power flow of progressive evolution one would specifically seek to align oneself to the highest degree possible with as many of the day-to-day practical action and attitude principles and "values" of progressive evolution. 

To learn more about the steps and levels of the progressive directionality of evolution in the universe, click here.

To then learn how to apply the unstoppable directionalized power flow of progressive evolution to your day-to-day life in practical ways using the Universe Principles of Life.

(The New Universe Principle's nine primary success attitudes are particularly applicable to uplifting and expanding the perspectives upon how the sustainability movement's environmental activism can be more effectively re-aligned and executed.)

2.) A New Deeper and Broader Definition of Growth and Sustainable Prosperity: One also creates a sustainable prosperity though the recognition that prosperity is not just or primarily defined by material things that fulfill life's basic physiological survival and safety needs from the Needs Hierarchy. A true sustainable prosperity focuses even more upon also attaining the meanings and satisfactions of the higher level needs of Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy once one's basic physical and material survival and safety needs have been met.

Growth and prosperity needs to be seen not just in physical and economic material terms, but also in terms of non-physical and non-material growth such as in the deeper and broader satisfactions and meanings that come from maturing and maturity, learning, wisdom and experiences. Growth can also be seen and well served by seeing it like the developmental process of the human body in life.

The body does not keep physically growing forever. At some point the body stops growing physically, but mentally and emotionally (and spirituality for those so inclined,) it can continue growing and maturing (prospering,) indefinitely along the higher non-material needs of Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy.

Individuals, organizations and a civilization can keep growing and prospering indefinitely if that growth and prosperity is not just focused primarily on physical growth. (Organizations and civilizations can also be seen as seeking the various levels of Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy.) Moving from a view of growth and prosperity near exclusively in material terms to a view of growth and prosperity also including and valuing the higher non-material needs of Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy is both a critical part of the sustainable prosperity objectives of the New Universe Worldview and the Great Universe Alignment.  

3.) The Triple Bottom Line and Full-Cycle Accounting: Sustainable Prosperity is created by all businesses and organizations embracing the Triple Bottom Line Principle and product and production Full-Cycle Accounting in managing and determining economic profitability. Full cycle accounting prevents businesses from exporting any costs related to the full production cycle of their product to any other entity. 

The Triple Bottom Line redefines profit in terms of a sustainability, which involves the profit of the stakeholders (investors and employees,) of the organization and the community and environment the organization exists within. Profitability that makes profit for the organization and harms the community and environment is not sustainable profitability.

A billion Plus New Jobs in The New Sustainable Prosperity Economy

The new concept Sustainable Prosperity will create a whole new economy based upon satisfying more and more of the Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy for humanity. The types of new or expanding job types you will see in the new sustainable prosperity for all economy for all are:

1.) Hundreds of millions of additional new teachers of all kinds of skills will be needed as more of our leaders recognize that it is a learning universe and education of humanity is the foundation to resolving all humanity's challenges.

2.) Hundreds of millions of farmers will be needed as food productions shifts away from unsustainable huge scale factory farms to local smaller scale sustainable farming.

3.) Hundreds of millions of local business persons will be needed as business shifts away from unsustainable multinational business corporations (who are finally made to capture all their true costs using the Triple Bottom Line.) to more sustainable local businesses and cooperatives that can now compete fairly in a sustainable prosperity economy.

4.) Tens of millions of new sustainable energy related jobs will be created as the world shifts away from unsustainable energy supplies to more sustainable energy sources and supply systems. This includes all the jobs that will be created as we upgrade and retro-fit our existing structures to become more energy efficient.

5.) Tens of millions of therapists and coaches of all kinds will be needed to help individuals and organizations achieve Maslow's higher needs.

6.) Tens of millions of artists of all kinds will be needed to help achieve Maslow's higher needs.

7.) Tens of millions of other completely new jobs of all kinds will be created to help achieve Maslow's higher needs.

More about how Sustainable Prosperity is Being Built Upon the "Values" of new Cosmology of the New Universe Worldview and the Directionality Principles of Progressive Evolution

To see more cosmological and progressive evolution principles and practical working "values," actions and attitudes effective for creating the New Universe Worldview's sustainable prosperity found:

a.) expressed within a quick overview of the nature of the universe as a master system, click here.

b.) expressed as a creative interpretation of the vital success attitudes in what we call the Universe Principles of Life.

(The New Universe Principle's nine primary success attitudes are particularly applicable to uplifting and expanding the perspectives upon how the sustainability movement's environmental activism can be more effectively re-aligned and executed.)

c.) expressed within a quick overview of the core steps and levels of progressive evolution, click here.

d.) expressed as a creative interpretation of the practical success actions derived from progressive evolution and what we call the Universe Principles of Life.

(The New Universe Principle's success actions are particularly validating of existing actions as well as applicable to further uplifting and expanding the perspectives upon how the sustainability movement's environmental activism can be more effectively re-aligned and executed.)

 The Principles of the New Environmental Activism 

The principles that inform the new activism activities of individuals or groups seeking to make sustainable prosperity a global reality include the above New Universe Worldview principles, but particularly also include the creative interpretation of the practical success actions derived from progressive evolution or, what we call the Universe Principles of Life.

Using the above success action and success attitude aspects of the universe principles of progressive evolution creatively and wisely applied to most all environmental activism situations shifts the attitude, perspective and actions of the environmental movement away from often reactive activities driven by impending crisis and fear consciousness to a proactive, big picture, progressive evolutionary process focused consciousness far better suited to co-creating the best environmental results in the most effective and efficient ways.  The early-adapter groups currently most aligned with the new environmentalism and the sustainable prosperity activism principles are also known as sustainability advocates, conscious evolutionaries, Lohas advocates (lifestyles of life health and sustainability,) integral evolutionaries, eco-spirituality practitioners, simple living advocates, cultural creatives, big history advocates or universe evolutionaries. In addition to these early-adapter groups many progressive members of religious faiths are also becoming sustainable prosperity advocates and activists. 

What's Next

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