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The Great New Alignment

The great New Alignment (aka the Great Alignment,) is a result of the New Universe Worldview and its new and unifying understanding of life, spirit, science, consciousness, art and culture from and at a universe scale perspective. The New Alignment occurs collectively when a majority of humanity’s actions are in alignment with the science-grounded principles of progressive evolution in the universe.

The great New Alignment occurs for you personally when a majority of your actions come into alignment with the science-grounded core principles of progressive evolution. We call these key principles of progressive evolution the Universe Principles. 

In part and by necessity, the idea of the great New Alignment has evolved into being because human life and our planetary bio-systems cannot continue to survive as we are living today if, --- humanity does not rapidly re-align the way it lives on our planet. Humanity to survive has to better align with the universe’s evolutionary principles in a great, new and monumental way.

It is as Albert Einstein said, “you cannot solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it.” Unfortunately, our current planetary level consciousness is not the consciousness that will solve our current planetary problems. It will take the new and much larger, universe-informed, universe consciousness, and then a great movement toward alignment with the new universe scale knowledge to do that!

The great New Alignment aligns and grounds almost everything that we currently know and every system that we currently have --- to what we now know about the universe and the principles of progressive evolution at universe scale. It is the greatest leap forward in humanity's scale of perspective in human history.

This great New Alignment and its great leap forward in universe scale perspective has occurred for the first time in human history because with the aid of technology (like the Hubbell telescope, deep space satellites and super computers,) humanity is now able to see the big history of life's total evolution from the first time instant of the Big Bang until the present. With this technology it is also able to "see" across 20 billion light years of known expanding universe space.

From this new, big time and space whole universe view we are now able to see patterns and principles of life's progressive evolution that we could not see until the last decade or so. This is important because using this new universe time and space scale knowledge we are now dramatically better able to align our lives and our life processes (as well as our social and cultural systems,) to the most successful and proven principles of existence --- the 13.7 billion years of successful, life creating evolutionary process in the universe.

In the past millennia humanity has had several periods of increased knowledge and consequent life alignment surges. The last significant knowledge increase and quality of life surge occurred during the scientific Enlightenment period of the 1600s.

Each time humanity has had such a knowledge and perspective surge it then eventually better aligned and re-aligned the best of what knowledge it had known previously to what it had just been discovered. It aligned or re-aligned its old worldview to include and encompass this new knowledge and in this process a unique new worldview was born. With the new universe time and space scale knowledge and perspective that humanity has just discovered another new worldview has come into being. It is called the New Universe Worldview because it is the first time in human history that humanity has been able to align its worldview with the Universe lwsa and systems as a whole!

What Does the New Alignment Do? 

The great New Alignment encompasses and includes the best of our past and it excludes its worst. It does so with transcending new perspectives, meanings, processes and values that will eventually expand the alignment of our understanding of almost everything. In light of what we have discovered about progressive evolution, it is aligning and re-aligning such things as physics, organic chemistry, biology, culture, society, economics, law, politics, morality, ethics and even religion and spirituality.

While excluding the worst of our past, the New Alignment only de-constructs those things which are no longer useful. It also does not overthrow it includes and transcends. It includes the best of our current worldview and then aligns it to a new, science-grounded and spirit-integrated whole system big time and space view of the universe!

It is a fundamental, profound and large-scale expansion that aligns or re-aligns one's current worldview that literally creates an expanded new worldview. In this process it also naturally creates a new center of expanded identity and meaning as well as new purposes and goals. Based on the deep patterns of universe progressive evolution it additionally even provides a new centering progressive planetary and universe vision as well as a new set of common and centering guiding values and principles. 

The great New Alignment is significantly different in scope and depth than other social movements such as The Shift, The Great Turning and the Great Work etc. It is not just a shift from where we are now to a significantly newer perspective not far from where we are now. It is not just a large-scale dialectical turning of the pendulum from one side to the other on a few new ideas. The New Alignment is unfolding as a massive personal, organizational and collective global re-alignment and then new centering of all of our personal, cultural, social, economic, political and spiritual lifestyles and perspectives, values, sub-systems and goals into better alignment with the master universe's life systems and  particularly in relation to the core principles of the universe's progressive evolutionary directionality.)

What will this New Alignment to the Deeper Principles of the Universe Do for Me Personally?

The centering new information, practices and perspectives of the great New Alignment caused by the New Universe Worldview will dramatically enhance, evolve and/or align your current worldview with a vastly expanded and more unified understanding of the nature of life and spirit in the universe and the destination(s) as to where they are evolving.

The new perspectives of the New Universe Worldview and moving toward the New Alignment will then dramatically enhance, evolve and/or align:

a.) your current thinking, feeling and attitudes, which will then in turn

b.) your current actions, which will finally then

c.) the current lifestyle and relationship results and benefits that you are experiencing. (By benefits we mean that you will be able to enhance or re-align your current lifestyle and relationship experiences so that they becomes dramatically richer in meaning, sustainable prosperity and wellbeing.)

Notes on the New Alignment

1.) At the heart of the great New Alignment is an evolutionary awakening and an monumental individual and collective evolutionary enlightenment based upon today's new cosmology and the science behind progressive evolution integrated with the best of humanity's spiritual heritage.

2.) For more about the principles values of the New Alignment and how they are encompassing of, but significantly different than those of the Shift, The Great Turning or the Great Work learn more about the principles and values of the New Universe Worldview.  

3.) The great New Alignment is also empowered by the Unissance social network. 

4.) If you want to personally experience the benefits of this growth, evolution and the New Alignment, begin one of our online courses at the Universe College or attend one of our events.

What's Next

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