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The Creative Spirit

About the Creative Spirit Boat, the San Francisco Center for Universe Spirit

The Creative Spirit is a 62 feet boat and it is currently the San Francisco Center for Universe Spirit. It has a worship and meditation chapel, a convertible classroom space in the salons, 2-3 overnight rooms or spaces for retreat participants and a spiritual discussion area in the salons.


The photo above is looking from our front salon into the sanctuary section of our floating spiritual center. We had the glass altar custom made. It is hard to see in the light of the photo, but our organization’s full name and our circular star logo are frost-etched into the front of the altar in about 6” letters. On top of the altar is a symbolic focus for our services and meditations—a round clear crystal ball held inside a beautifully decorated chamber. This spiritual symbol is intended to stand for all of the diverse states of Ultimate Reality.

An event showing our sanctuary set up for both a spiritual education and worship event.

This is called our west retreat room. The picture in the center of the wall is part of the omni-denominational spiritual art found all throughout our floating spiritual center. 

This is our east retreat room. The 3 green paintings are of sacred Tibetan meditation bowls. There is also a small altar area for private reflection on the left-hand side.

For spiritual education, our sanctuary converts to an audio/video classroom for up to 24 people. Because every bit of space has to be used and re-used within the confines of our very small floating spiritual center, we designed our custom made altar to hold a flat display panel so we can show educational presentations or movies from computers or DVDs. 

The Creative Spirit also has a group conference and dining area. When we set up extra tables we can get about 20-22 people seated for an educational spiritual salon, member meeting or Celebration of Life community gathering.

 The Culture on the Boat

Our Spiritual Center on the boat is a spiritual space where we strive for artful authenticity, effective execution of our tasks, awareness of the present, spiritual growth, humility, awe, wonder, adventure, celebration and delight. It is a place of sharing and respect for others as spiritual beings of equal spiritual dignity. It is a place of respect for the environment.

It is also a place of spiritual research and collaboration between many different organizations, denominations and individuals working toward creating a just, sustainable and equitable world. On the boat we are all equal fellow spiritual adventurers sharing what we have learned on our unique journeys to enhance each other's lives.

Our Water Blessing Custom

We have adopted the custom of asking each guest to bring some water from their home and bless our boat and mission by pouring this water over the bow of the boat before they leave. Your blessings of our boat and mission are appreciated.

The San Francisco Center for Universe Spirit

Our San Francisco center is astoundingly beautiful and unique. It is floating in the San Francisco bay surrounded by water and 360 degree views of the Bay Bridge, Tiburon and Angel Island and Mount Tamalpais. It is an astounding place for weddings, burials at sea and all types of spiritual events.

In addition to the natural splendor of amazing views of the San Francisco bay, staying at or visiting our center is a unique spiritual experience in itself. The new spiritual center has a worship and meditation chapel, 2, two-person single bed overnight or retreat rooms o­ne with private bath and o­ne with a shared bath, two salon type spiritual presentation/discussion event rooms, a food preparation area and two outdoor deck areas (one with a barbeque and seating for 20.) It also has wireless and networked internet and a complete audio visual presentation system (52 in flat screen with 7.1 surround sound) for power point educational spiritual presentations, videos, CDs, tapes etc. Click here for more photos of our floating spiritual center.

Our San Francisco center currently serves as our:

  1. Spiritual research center on the role of progressive evolution as it relates to improving the future of personalized Evolution Spirituality,
  2. Spiritual teacher training seminary and monastery, (for more about our minister/spiritual teacher training click here.)
  3. Retreat center for members and visitors,
  4. Center for delivering educational services to our members, 
  5. Parsonage or housing for teachers, visiting staff and, occasionally visiting ministers and/or spiritual teachers from other denominations,
  6. Production studio for creating some educational materials, videos as well as new educational content for our website and for our mission,
  7. Administrative offices and website management headquarters for the organization,
  8. Event center for outreach to the local San Francisco bay area community as well as special spiritual outreach to the local San Francisco marine and Sausalito marine and houseboat communities.

Why we have Chosen a Boat for our First Center

1.) We received part of the boat's cost as a donation and it was all we could afford in the very expensive real estate area of San Francisco.

2.) It is humbly appropriate to an organization just getting started and building its new local community.

3.) The original field of space created by Ultimate Reality from which all things possibly were able to come into being and in which all things currently exist has an inherent sacredness to us in that from a progressive evolutionary perspective nothing could exist without it. Because of this special value, things that closely reflect its qualities also have a special sacred meaning and importance to us --- things such as the oceans of our planet and outer space.

Much as the original space field is, the oceans and outer space are vital life birthing and life sustaining and nurturing environments. The oceans are the birthplace and sustenance of our planet’s organic life and outer space is the place of birthing and sustenance for the galaxies, planets and universes.

Because we believe that the oceans of earth possess many of the important qualities of the original space field and the Ultimate Reality that created that space field, it is our intent to honor Ultimate Reality --- the original space field of all creation by building our first physical spiritual and administrative centers and theological seminaries/monasteries or retreat centers on the ocean or on the water near major cities. As we grow or when building on the oceans or water is not practical, our centers will always contain elements that reflect and remind us of the sacredness of these places and the need to preserve and protect both the oceans and outer space as the universal life sustaining commons for all generations and all species. Additionally, we believe that the conditions of living on the water or eventually in outer space cultivate being prepared, adaptability to rapidly changing conditions, being in the present and, prepare us to serve spiritually in sometimes difficult conditions…

Update 2012: We have grown considerably over the last 10 years. Our intentions, which we invite you to join in on, are to find a new larger boat of no larger than 135 feet for our growing local and community events. We ask for your intentional and physical support in this search for this new space. Ideally, we would like to find some individual or corporation who understands our important mission and would donate part or all of this new boat to us as happened with our first boat and center.