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Recognized: Teachers of Evolution Spirituality


The surging Personal Spirituality Movement embraces spiritual teachers of spiritual wisdom from any denomination. Universe Spirit especially recognizes spiritual teachers from any denomination who teach and live an integral and open source spiritual life of universality, inclusiveness and virtue. These teachers may naturally (officially or unofficially,) embody many of the ideas of our (r)evolutionary universe-grounded universe spirituality (AKA Evolution Spirituality) as well. We honor these Teachers of Universal Spirituality who:

  1. promote the foundational importance of finding or expanding one’s personal spirituality through direct spiritual experience,
  2. are science-grounded and balanced in their spirituality,
  3. inspire living a live of balanced virtue,
  4. help to heal the world and,
  5. who in an unofficial, but de facto and collegial manner, help expand the global spiritual commons for all humankind.

We believe that it is through the teachings and writings of these inspiring Teachers of Universal Spirituality that the human soul and spirit is powerfully healed, uplifted and connected to the Ultimate Reality. In addition to the teaching work our Life and Spirit facilitators do, we also want to link people to the work these Teachers of Universal Spirituality do because their work is vital to helping to create a healthy, healing world and to present and tailor the delivery of humankind’s collected spiritual wisdom in such a way that individuals of any:

  1. personality type,
  2. learning style,
  3. culture,
  4. psychological or cognitive development level, or
  5. consciousness meme level within any level, wave and stage of consciousness development

can easily access and successfully use the global spiritual wisdom commons to further expand their spiritual understanding, their direct spiritual experiences of Ultimate Reality and their growth towards spiritual completeness.

Below is our current list of recognized Teachers of Universal Spirituality. To view more information on the individuals below click their names.

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List of Recognized Teachers of Universal Spirituality:

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