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Poll Results Illustrate Growth of the Personal Spirituality Movement

  • 64% of the individuals surveyed agreed with the idea that "most people can grow spiritually without being religious."
  • In January 2002, a USA TODAY/Gallup poll showed that a full third (33%) of Americans described themselves as "spiritual but not religious," an increase of 3% over three years. There is a tendency for those who do describe themselves as "spiritual but not religious" to be among the heaviest Internet users. "Spiritual but not religious" is one of the most rapidly growing religious classifications in the United States. The "spiritual but not religious" classification is one of the most politically liberal demographics (rivaled only by black churchgoers and Jews).
  • 36% of the individuals surveyed admit bringing teachings and philosophies from more than one religion into their spiritual practices.
  • Even though they never step inside a church or synagogue, in the U.S. nearly 20% of all Americans consider themselves interested in spiritual issues.
  • 57% of Americans consider spirituality a very important part of their daily lives, according to a Newsweek/Beliefnet poll, conducted August 2-4, 2005. But not all of those polled define spirituality in terms of traditional religion. While the majority (55%) report that they are religious and spiritual, a significant number (24%) consider themselves spiritual, but not religious.