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OMG, it is far worse that you think and it is coming faster than ever predicted!

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Two leading Evolutionaries Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow just released a video update & summary of newest data on escalating global warming leading to the climate cliff of irreversible climate destabilization. The new video link (just below,) also contains hard facts from the recently published reports of very conservative organizations like the World bank and the Natural Resource Council. If they are saying it is really bad and they also do not yet have adequately predictive climate tipping point research --- how bad is it really? (The Natural Resource Council supplies its reports to the American intelligence agencies. )
Click here to view this powerful video called "Climate Change and Intergenerational Evil."

Click here to see a written summary that covers tipping point and other climate destabilization information not covered in the video.

Click here to read more about the many "perfect storm" tipping points of global warming and climate destabilization.


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