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Home of the Evolutioneers

Non-Monetary Exchanges For Courses, Services and Events Accepted

Some individuals cannot afford monetary donations to organizations they want to support, but they always can exchange their labor or other services with us to maintain the healthy practice of fairly exchanging something of value for something of value. Therefore, we are flexible and always also open to hearing about special authentic need situations where no exchange is possible at all and, where our organization can help with a full or partial scholarship. If you need to negotiate with us, email us at manage@universespirit.org and tell us your situation and what you propose. If you have specific skills, let us know that as well. We almost always need help in many areas.

For more information on the evolutionary exchange principle of life and how using it can dramatically improve your life’s success, click here.

Often we have a suggested donation listed for our courses, services, and events. This is only a suggested donation level and is subject to the principles in this summary regarding the importance of fair "energy" exchange within our community.

If you DO receive a real value or benefit from any of our courses, services or events and you feel that they have improved your life in some tangible way, please do support us by exchanging "energy" with us in some way so that we too may continue to exist and grow! Individuals who take our on and offline courses or services or attend our events do provide an important portion of our total mission financial support. And, your fair exchange for them helps support the vital right livelihood for all of those individuals who create, administrate and delivers our courses, services, and events!

As a mini-culture, living community system and a reflection of the deepest natural patterns and laws of the universe, our organization holds that maintaining fair and appropriate "energy" exchanges in life with all the sources that support one’s life is not just vital to our personal well being. It is also vital to the planet on all levels! We realize that our members and visitors come from many different economic levels and completely trust that they will joyously donate to us according to both their means and the value that they have received in exchange from us. And, we will receive those generous and kind donations with equal joy!