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The most important thing to know about Earth Day 2019 and your April's global warming news

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Submitted by Lawrence on

On April 22 we celebrate another Earth Day, but what is the most important single thing we should take away this year?

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Here it is.

"Unless we make the radical global fossil fuel reduction targets that we absolutely need to hit before 2025, there will be a mass extinction (70-90 % of humanity or more,) within our lifetimes!"

Please don't blindly believe what we're saying. Take a moment out of love for the Earth and look at the science.

1.) Check out the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets here

2.) Discover the set-by-step humanity-endingconsequences and tipping points we will trigger and which, will quickly lead to our near-total or total extinction, but only if we miss the above 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. Click here for those tipping points and consequences.

This Earth Day, your most important thing to understand is why hitting our 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets is indispensable to your survival.

Other important April news:

1.) Last week the Central Bank of England and the Central bank of France warned the world that if we do not pay immediate attention to global warming, we will not exist! They also warned companies all over the world to become more aware of the many growing dangers of global warming and how they will affect their current and future business. This was one of the strongest warnings to ever come out of the economic marketplace.

2.) The New York Times says climate chaos is coming! Click the following link. Climate chaos is coming and, the Pinkerton's are ready.

3.) The New York Times says global warming migration is already underway and here are some good locations to migrate to. Click the following link. Want to escape global warming, these cities promise cool relief.

4.) An environmental activist and lawyer burned himself to death to protest escalating global warming. We feel he should be named one of the heroes of this 2019 Earth Day. Click the following link. A lawyer set himself on fire to protest climate change.

5.) The Extinction Rebellionis a new and rapidly growing protest group calling attention all over the world to the necessary and brutal fact we are facing extinction within our lifetimesif we do not hit the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. They are using peaceful civil disobedience to call our government's attention to this dire emergency.

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