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Community, Spirit, Sustainability

More About this New Integral and Evolutionary Universe Spirituality, Part 3

Evolution Spirituality is especially for individuals who are passionately committed to:

1.) realizing and experiencing Ultimate Reality through the five critical steps of direct experience, regular practice, ongoing learning, personal psycho-spiritual shadow work, and authentic participation in relationships, community and service.

2.) values of an open, integrative and integral life process; where values such as creativity, earth sustainability, now presence, interconnectedness, deep listening, authenticity, acceptance, love, forgiveness, service, leadership, responsibility, compassionate action, unity in diversity, embodied and engaged spirituality, collaboration, partnership, transparency, non-polarization, accountability, appropriate humility, unitive both/and transcending solutions vs. polarizing either/or solutions and the inclusion of multiple viewpoints are all honored—on individual, societal and planetary levels.

3.) service, also characterized by active engagement in the problems of today—an engaged spirituality,

4.) leadership born out of a sense of personal responsibility and co-responsibility 

5.)  rebalancing the feminine and masculine within themselves and rebalancing the feminine and masculine, agency vs. communion imbalances in the world that are root causes of our current patriarchy inspired environmental, social, economic and political problems and,

6.) alignment with the progressive directionality of evolution in the universe. 

A bit More About What We Are and Do, and How We Do It 

Evolution Spirituality is an evolutionary universe meta-spirituality that is open source. That means it has come into being and continues to grow and evolve by accessing and integrating the totality of humanity’s spiritual and science related wisdom. By including the best of all religions and sciences without their worst, Evolution Spirituality can improve your success both on your unique spiritual path and with your personal life goals!

Evolution Spirituality is experiential. Rather than being a fixed final result or destination, it is more of an evolutionary and integral process, journey and awe inspiring adventure that will help you release your fullest capacities to succeed in today’s complex and fragmented world. It does this primarily by helping you to improve your relationships and experiences with others, yourself and the Ultimate Reality/Great Mystery that interconnects all things.

As an open source, universe meta-spirituality, Evolution Spirituality particularly transcends and includes the most life affirming discoveries of today's cutting edge sciences and progressive spiritual movements such as Evolutionary spirituality, Eco-spirituality, Integral spirituality, Women's spirituality and Participatory spirituality (P2P,) etc. Evolution Spirituality's open structure can help you evolve both spiritually and personally within any religious denomination that you might currently be involved in --- without your having to leave that denomination!

If you feel that you have the right to explore spiritual and practical living truth for yourself and, that having open access to ALL of humanity's life-affirming spiritual and scientific wisdom might better support your success on both your spiritual and personal path as well as in the great adventure of your life, you will likely enjoy participating in our open source, meta spirituality and global community.

One of our Most Important Goals, Creating Your own Personalized Spirituality

We hold that there are actually as many personalized spiritualities, religions or life paths in the world as there are people. One important goal of our open source integrative spirituality is to help you maximize your spiritual and personal growth success --- in effect advance or create your own personalized and integral spiritual path, religion or personal life path.

Authentic spiritual and personal growth naturally makes one's life more complete and fulfilling on all levels! As you grow both spiritually and personally, you will increasingly find that you will act from more wisdom, love and delight --- this is essentially why your life becomes better in every area! For more information on the largest movement in religion today, personalized spirituality, click here.

What Does this New Universe Meta-Spirituality Mean to Your Current Spiritual Practices and Personal Life?

An evolutionary and integral evolution spirituality is o­ne that is dynamically transformative. It's revolutionary spiritual perspectives are great news for anyone who is open to a more inclusive, embodied and non-authoritarian spiritual message and better solution to life's problems. It's new form of open source  spirituality is well suited for anyone sincerely committed to spiritual growth (acting from love) as well as being accepted and valued as they are in a growing global community.

At its heart, this evolutionary and integral universe spirituality is a time-tested yet continually naturally evolving spiritual process designed to maximize effectiveness in achieving three key goals:

1.) balanced and safe spiritual growth,

2.) inner personal empowerment and

3.) transformative personal and global healing.

These three goals are realized in significant part through a triple process of helping individuals expand their direct spiritual experience and relationship with the absolute Ultimate Reality/Consciousness/God, their own highest self (or spirit) and, the highest self (or spirit) of others. The basic goals of our open source spirituality also include o­ngoing education o­n humanity's most life affirming scientific and spiritual wisdom and personal psychological shadow work --- both of which serve to help unfold an authentic, balanced and virtuous personal life.

The new spiritual perspectives and unique transformational tools of this new open source spirituality support and empower the adventure of:

a.) having empowered, ethical and abundance-filled relationships and experiences at all levels (physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual,) in all areas of life (political, economic, social, etc.)

b.) co-creating and sharing the benefits of a just, sustainable and equitable world for all in active partnership with the Ultimate Reality/Consciousness/God, o­neself and others. (You will no longer have to subordinate your ideals to today's prevalent cynical "realism" that says the world will continue to have as much evil and cruelty (ignorance and fear) as it has. From your own inner spiritual growth, transformation, empowerment, healing and direct spiritual experiences you will be able to help break the reciprocating chains of pain and cruelty that pass from person to person and generation to generation. This is done though your enlightened and wisely applied delight, generosity, kindness, love, forgiveness, service and support of justice.)

c.) releasing the isolation and the imbalanced negative impacts of today's often fear-driven hyper-materialism and,

d.) moving toward a spiritual fulfillment and completeness that fully embraces the needs, delights and the pleasures of a fully embodied existence.

Our revolutionary form of evolutionary and integral Evolution Spirituality holds that the highest purpose for the great evolutionary adventure of an individual's spiritual life embodied in the world is:

  1. to keep expanding toward awakening fully to the truth, beauty, goodness and the reality of the Ultimate Reality/Consciousness/God, both within themselves as well as outside of themselves and,
  2. to keep expanding their partnership with Ultimate Reality/Consciousness/God toward manifesting both within themselves and within the world the truth, beauty, goodness, reality and potentials of the Ultimate Reality/Consciousness/God itself --- while also simultaneously manifesting their own unique highest truth, beauty and goodness, reality, potentials, gifts and personality.

On practical application levels we offer o­n and offline spiritual education and personal empowerment and healing classes, rites of passage, community directed spiritual support and guidance, Art of Living classes as well as omni-denominational meditation and worship services.

More Core Benefits Available to You by Becoming Involved with this Unique New Evolution Spirituality and Movement?

Our organization's evolutionary form of evolution spirituality is capable of producing unique spiritual and personal benefits not currently available in other spiritual organizations. Click o­n the benefit type below that you are most interested for more details:

What is Next for You to Explore more of this Revolution in Authentic Living Spirituality and Personal Growth

To find out what to do next click this What's Next link. 

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