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Sustainability, Spirit & Community

Meta-Religion: What it is and Does, Core Principles

The next several welcome pages are designed for new visitors. This first welcome page will answer the main questions that people usually ask us about this revolutionary spiritual movement and meta-religion organization. The second welcome page is designed to help you to best personalize your next exploration step. The personalization process on the second welcome page is based upon what is most compatible with your current unique interests, attitudes as well as your personal background.

The first questions that most people usually ask are: 

Who and What are You? 

We are a nonprofit spiritual support hub for an evolutionary and integral new form of open source meta-religion (also known as meta-spirituality.) We are a unique place where you can both explore and share the oldest and the newest life-affirming wisdom and processes from all of humanity's great spiritual and science related heritage --- without their worst. (Click here for the full and detailed description of what a meta-religion and meta-spirituality is.)   

What do You do?

We help draw out your fullest truth, potential and Consciousness/Spirit to serve the vital needs of yourself, your community and the world through personalized spiritual exploration.

How do You Do it?

We do it through safe and shared personalized spiritual exploration, fun learning experiences and ongoing peer-to-peer support. On this website you can explore and share the three great spiritual adventures and journeys into Ultimate Reality. These are epic journeys for today’s heroes and heroines.

While on these three great spiritual adventures and journeys there naturally occurs within you three great shifts in perspective and consciousness. These three great shifts will awaken or expand within you three great hopes and visions. With your commitment to realize these three great hopes and visions you will be able to release your greatest potential and power to serve the highest destiny of both yourself and the Earth.

Who is this New Open Source Meta-Religion and Meta Spirituality Designed for, and What is My Best Next Exploration Step Based Upon My Current Interests and Background?

Click here for your next personalized exploration step!

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